Glass heater from Lidl and Silvercrest: prepare for winter


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Are you looking for new products to prepare for the arrival of the cold? The blanket to watch Netflix on the sofa, check that the heating works well … All this is very good, but don’t forget that there is a type of product that can help you a lot to be warmer, especially in areas such as the work table or the bathroom. Today we talk about glass heater from Lidl and Silvercrest, an economical and stylish option so you never get cold.

Lidl Glass Heater Features

From the hand of Silvercrest This model arrives that at first glance shows that it wants to be something more than a simple heater. Its beautiful design also makes it a perfect piece to decorate that somewhat bland corner of your bathroom, your office, even your bedroom. It is intended for fix on the wall and have one sturdy housing with handle and legs. In addition, it incorporates a protection against tipping and overheating so you don’t have any unwanted setbacks. Of course, keep in mind that the manufacturer indicated that it is a product designed for occasional use or for well-insulated spaces, since these types of products consume a lot and their heat goes away quickly, it is not like central heating.

Is available in white or black color and has two heating levels: 1,000 W or 2,000 W. Its measurements are 77 x 39 x 20 cm, its weight of 5 kg and the cable length is 1.8 meters.

Availability and price

You have it already available in the Lidl online store for a price of 49.99 euros. For now, it is not available in physical stores, so if you want to get it before it runs out, it is time to take it home. Remember that the shipping costs are 3.99 euros (regardless of the number of products you order) and that the delivery time is 1 to 3 working days.

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