Glo910+, don’t miss this cellulite massager

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glo910 cabecera.jpg

Do you want to improve those areas with cellulite or refine them? Now you can do it comfortably and safely at home with the Glo910+. This electronic massager with infrared therapy of glo It promises to reaffirm the skin with a treatment on localized fat and favoring drainage and exfoliation in a professional way. Are you interested? Well, keep reading the article!

What is Glo910+?

There are not a few people who feel somewhat dissatisfied with some part of their body, especially, as far as cellulite is concerned. However, although this should not be a problem, because everyone is different and it is important to accept ourselves, it is true that the market offers us options to combat those areas that we do not like. One of them is the Glo910+, which we are talking about today.

As we will see below, it is a massager that we can use at home and that it is specially designed to treat those areas where cellulite tends to accumulate, in addition to helping us move localized fat to allow us to get rid of it more easily.

The best of all, regarding this device, is that we can use it at home without fear of accidents or side effects, since it works with infrared and photolight energy, so it does not heat up or damage the skin at any time. In this way, we are going to explain a little more about how it is and how it is used.

A home use massager

The Glo910+, as we have already mentioned, is an electronic massager for domestic use that is focused on the treatment of cellulite and localized fat. In this way, it becomes a very interesting tool to help you maintain your figure, but, above all, to care for your skin, since it offers many advantages in body care such as exfoliation and drainage.

It works by giving a deep subdermal massage that helps to mobilize accumulated toxins and fat, which are in turn what cause and originate cellulite. Comes with slimtech technology, that innovatively combines photoluminal energy to penetrate different levels of the skin. Thus, the creation of collagen is stimulated, in addition to elasticity.

In the package this massager comes in we will find 4 heads for different treatments and intensities that can be regulated. With them, we will combat orange peel, yes, but also the fat that accumulates in the cartridge belts or the gut, for example, as well as in the legs and treat them if they are swollen, you have muscle pain and to improve circulation.

It can be used every day and, with only 15 minutes a day, you can begin to see satisfactory results in less than you think. In addition, apart from the fact that it can be used by anyone, even by inexperienced people, it can also be combined with anti-cellulite oils and creams to improve results.


Benefits of this massager

The Glo910+ offers different benefits with its use. On the one hand, combat cellulite, since the mechanical massage is deep and, therefore, acts intensively on the skin to break down fatty deposits of conflictive areas such as the buttocks or the abdomen.

Also, it also serves to refine the legs and make them feel lighter, because it has a draining action that mobilizes toxins and eliminates them. In this way, the legs are deflated and refined, with the improvement of the general appearance of the figure. And all this while achieving uniform and smooth skin, since it also serves as a body exfoliation treatment in just 10 minutes with professional results.


How to use

After seeing what this Glo910+ can do, you sure want to know how to use it, right? You can regulate the intensity by adjusting its regulator so that the massage has the intensity you want, choose the head and much more.

When using it, the first thing you will have to do is select head and then turn on the appliance and regulate its intensity. Then, by activating Dual phototherapy (which combines infrared with red LEDs) we can start using it and, since it does not generate heat, it has no contraindications.

Then you just have to hold it firmly and slide it slowly over the skin, without pressing, it is not necessary. You can do this for about 20 minutes for a full session.

If you want to perform a massage, you must select the Cellu-Active head with medium speed and always using it on dry skin. At this point, you can increase the intensity to insist on areas where there is cellulite and slide from the bottom up. Afterwards, you can change the head to Cellu-Detox to conclude with the draining massage and you can exfoliate the skin once a week.


Features of the Glo910+

Weight 650 grams
Treatment area surface 10cm
Cable length 3 meters
Benefits Anti-cellulite action: It acts on the deepest layers of the skin, eliminating cellulite.
Remodeling action: Sculpts the figure and reduces the contour.
Lipolytic action: favors the reduction of localized fat accumulations, breaking down fatty deposits.
Draining action: Stimulates the lymphatic system, facilitating the drainage of toxins and retained liquids.
Technology Slim Tech
Engine 25w / 650rpm
Use time 15-25 minutes a day
Combined use with oils / creams Yes
Box contents 1 x Body Massager
1 x Dry Exfoliation Head
1 x Head for facial lifting and gentle exfoliation
1 x Grease breaking head
1 x Lymphatic drainage head
1 x Bag to store the massager

Glo910+ Reviews

this massager It’s a little expensive, but it comes with different heads to achieve different results. It is very ergonomic and easy to use, so anyone can use it. That yes, yesu use should not exceed 15 or 20 minutes because the appliance gets hot. Also, keep in mind that, to see results, you have to combine it with exercise, since, like all devices and products of this style, we cannot expect it to perform miracles.


Availability and price of the Glo910+

Remember that you can see other body care devices, in this case facial, such as the Philips VisaPure Essential BSC200/01.

  • Easy to use.
  • Ergonomic.
  • Different heads.
  • Good results consistently.

  • It warms up in 15-20 minutes.