Goodbye to the voice command OK Google, and now what?

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ok google.jpg

In the past Google I.O. mid-May, the Mountain View company took the opportunity to present a lot of new products and services. There was one that went somewhat unnoticed but is quite important if you are building your Smart Home with the Google Assistant. Did you know that soon you will be able to stop saying ok google? We tell you the reasons.

Goodbye to OK Google, what happened?

Until now, to “invoke” and awaken Google Assistant we had to say out loud ok google, as if it were some kind of Harry Potter spell. Now, the company wants the relationship between virtual assistant and user to be much more fluid and that is why will stop using this voice command and, even so, our device will understand that we are talking to it.

This will be achieved thanks to the new function look and talk, which will actually use user recognition to detect that you are looking at the device and speaking to it. In addition to this option, we will also have to have activated the Face Match and Voice Match. As soon as the device starts listening to us, an icon will appear in one of the corners of the device. With this, it is intended to guarantee the user’s peace of mind and that they know at all times when they are being listened to and when they are not.

ok google command

When will it be available?

For now, this feature will go live in USA in the Nest Hub Max. We have no news about the date of arrival in Spain or other devices. Is this option worth it? It will certainly be able to make conversations more fluid and natural, but we still see some gaps. The fact of having to look at the device can make our experience a bit difficult, especially if you are one of those who is always on the move and launches an action at Google while doing many other tasks. We’ll see how the Big G company manages to save this.

Via | Google I.O.