Haier A3FE837CMJ, refrigerator combination with drawer system

haier a3fe837cmj cabecera.jpg
haier a3fe837cmj cabecera.jpg

The Haier A3FE837CMJ It is a combination refrigerator in anti-fingerprint stainless steel with a drawer system for better conservation. With this Haier refrigerator, you will enjoy great performance at a very competitive price.

We comment on the Haier A3FE837CMJ

The Haier A3FE837CMJ is a combi refrigerator designed in anti-fingerprint stainless steel characterized by its 60 cm wide and, above all, its three-door system with freezer drawers. In this way, the use of this space will be much more efficient, in addition to allowing you to quickly access this compartment.

In fact, with this system save up to 60% more energy if we compare it with other refrigerators that have the freezer under a single door. And not only that, it also has Fresher Techs technologies, which consist of areas that are adapted to the conservation needs of different foods.

In this way, the food that we store will be perfectly preserved, guaranteeing in turn a longer duration, as well as the preservation of its properties such as nutrients, texture and flavor.

Big and clean

The Haier A3FE837CMJ is a spacious combi refrigerator, offering us an XXL capacity that translates into 371 liters and 2 meters high so you can store all the food you need in a comfortable and simple way. For this, it has multiple drawers and shelves that are specific for the needs of conservation and cooling of food and drink.

Also, thanks to its LED column, you will be able to see the whole inside of the refrigerator and it comes with a actibacterial treatment that eliminates up to 99.8% to ensure that everything you store is kept as hygienic as possible.

Precise temperature setting

As we say, it is prepared to cool and offer the most suitable preservation characteristics for different types of food. In fact, it has a aluminum tray in the freezer that will help you even freeze and thaw food up to 3 times faster.

But not only that, it has an independent compartment that will allow you set the temperature between -2 ° and 5 ° C in a specific area to serve as a refrigerator or freezer. In addition, in it you can choose whether to defrost, preserve meat or fish or fruits and vegetables.

Although for these you have a drawer with more than 80% humidity and that they are always in optimal conditions. This compartment can even be used to store dairy.

Haier A3FE837CMJ

An efficient model

The Haier A3FE837CMJ is an efficient model, in addition to the brand that you offers up to 12 years warranty in the compressor thanks to the fact that it is an inverter, so it has been built with fewer components and, therefore, only emits 35 dBA.

Therefore, we are talking about a class D refrigerator, which means that it is an efficient appliance that respects more the environment and that consumes up to 49% less than the G-class models. Thus, it will not only help you keep your food in good condition, but also save on the bill of the light.

Haier A3FE837CMJ

Haier A3FE837CMJ Features

Haier A3FE837CMJ
Technical characteristics
Type of device Combi fridge
Type of construction Independent
Build format Independent
Total net capacity 528 l
Storage in case of failure 16 h
Cooling compartment
Control type Electronic
Automatic defrosting refrigerator compartment Yes, No-Frost System
Supported temperature range 2 – 8º / -23 ~ -16º
Antibacterial inner lining Yes
Drawers in refrigeration compartment 2
Number of shelves 4
Refrigerator compartments 10
Trays Material Crystal
Temperature zones 3
Fast cooling Yes
Freezer compartment position lower
Freezer compartments 2
Fridge drawers 2
Number of adjustable trays 4
Shelves material Crystal
Freezer defrosting Yes, No Frost System
No frost Yes
Quick freeze Yes
Freezer compartment special features Super Freeze function, Fresher Pad in the freezer, Fingerprint protection
Moisture filter Yes
Inverter motor Yes
Integrated bottle holder Yes
Water connection Do not
Water dispenser Do not
Ice dispenser Do not
Freezer compartment Yes
Doors 1
Lock Do not
Door accessory 4 door compartments
Interior lighting Yes
Character specials Inverter compressor with 12 years warranty, ABT®-antibacterial, My Zone (0 ºC drawer), Super silent 35 dB (A), Electronic control, LED display, Multiflow column with integrated LED lighting, Super Freezing Function, Super Cooling Function, Holiday function, 1 Maxi-Drawer with humidity control, 3 sensors in the fridge, Fresher Pad in the freezer, Open door alarm, Fingerprint protection
Environmentally friendly Yes
Visualization / Control
Controls Electronic
Display LED display
Screen location Exterior
Temperature gauge, cooling section Yes
Freezer compartment temperature indicator Yes
Adjustable compartment cooling temperature Yes
Adjustable freezer compartment temperature Yes
Temperature alarm Yes
Power supply
Energy consumption 183
General characteristics
Serie 3D series combis 60
Measurements (W x H x D) 200cm x 59.9cm x 65.7cm
Design Independent
Color (by manufacturer) Inox
Color (standardized) Silver
Width 200 cm
Height 59.9 cm
Depth 65.7 cm
Adjustable feet Yes, only in front
Adjustable feet 2
Weight (according to manufacturer) 93 kg kg
Weight 93 kg
Contents 4 glass shelves in refrigerator, 1 folding bottle rack, 1 MyZone compartment, 1 maxi greengrocer drawer, 4 door compartments, 2 sliding freezer drawers
Packing size (W / H / D) (cm) 66.4 cm / 208 cm / 72.7 cm
Manufacturer’s guarantee 2 years
Warranty Inverter compressor with 12 year warranty on compressor parts
Packaging width 66.4 cm
Packing height 208 cm
Packing depth 72.7 cm
Circumference 486.2 cm
Packed weight 100 kg
Power consumption data
EU Energy Efficiency Scale A to G
Energy consumption data (EU 2017/1369)
Energy efficiency class (EU 2017/1369) D

Opinions from the Haier A3FE837CMJ

This refrigerator has a good value for money. Its most positive point, without a doubt, is its design, since drawer design is very comfortable to use and, in addition, it does not waste so much the cold. In addition, its exterior is made of anti-fingerprint stainless steel and It comes with the temperature display on the door.

It is a device that cools well, although it should be mentioned that, as a main negative point, its interior is not as flexible as you might expect, making it difficult to place and organize food.

Haier A3FE837CMJ

Availability and price

And if you want to see another model with drawers, here we leave you the Haier A3FE835CGJE.

  • Good value for money.
  • Very comfortable drawer design.
  • Nice aesthetics.
  • Temperature display on the door.

  • The interior is not versatile.

Total score