Haier HCE203F, 198 liter chest freezer

haier hce203f 2.jpg
haier hce203f 2.jpg

Chest freezers are gaining more and more followers. It is true that it is reserved for a type of public that has an extra space at home and that, in most homes, it is not essential. However, if you can afford to have a chest freezer at home, we assure you that the decision will bring you many advantages. Forget about buying almost daily and always have fish, meat, homemade tuppers at home and of course ice cream or whatever else you eat at home. The space in the freezer of traditional combis is usually quite small, so having an appliance dedicated exclusively to this is a great idea. Today we talk about the model Haier HCE203F.

Haier HCE203F design

We find a horizontal chest freezer, available in color White. The advantage of horizontals over verticals is that they tend to offer greater storage capacity and easier to store your food, although it is also true that, if you do not place everything correctly, it can be quite cumbersome to remove what you have in the part down.

This model of Haier count with one inner lining in galvanized aluminum injected with microcellular foam. What is this science fiction sounding for? This material is easier to clean and insulates better, so it is also more energy efficient. In addition, it also incorporates a antibacterial and anti-mold gasket, which achieves a better seal inside the freezer and prevents bacteria or mold from entering. Not only will you save on cleaning it, but your food will also be better preserved.

Its capacity is 198 litersIt is not one of the smallest but neither the largest (if you need a very high capacity you can see models with 400 liters). In any case, it is a very correct size for an average home.

It has a small display on the front, in the lower right corner of the appliance, with two small buttons through which the temperature can be adjusted.

Its dimensions are 550 x 845 x 940 mm and its weight is 38.5 kg (stupid).

Haier HCE203F

Does this model make a lot of noise?

One detail that we must take into account when choosing a chest freezer is the noise made by the model we are considering buying. Simply because this is an appliance that is in use all day, if we buy a model that is very noisy we will regret it, especially if we do not have it well isolated from other areas of the house where we live.

In this case, you don’t have to worry, as Haier promises us a noise level of 40 dB, which is pretty good. To give you an idea, on the noise scale this equates to the sound coming out of a bedroom at night or the noise from a library. It is not totally silent, you will hear some vibration from time to time, but at this point it should not disappoint you.

Freezing in four hours

One detail that we really liked when evaluating this Haier HCE203F model is that it has a mode that allows freeze food in just four hours. This is ideal for when we just got home from grocery shopping and want meat and fish to be quick freezers or when we’ve been making homemade ice cream all morning and want them to be ready by the time our guests arrive for coffee time.

Haier HCE203F

Finally, before going on to review its technical characteristics in a more general way and to tell you about its availability and price, we want to comment on two more details about this chest freezer, one that we liked and the other that we did not. It is a good detail to highlight that it has lockable door, to avoid certain accidents that could spoil the entire content of the freezer, such as, for example, if children play with it and open it continuously without closing it properly. However, has no interior lighting, an important detail that can make you not see well what is in the background or that makes the task difficult if you are going to place it in a place in the house that has bad lighting at night, for example, a terrace where you do not have enough light.

Haier HCE203F technical characteristics

Haier HCE203F
Dimensions 550 x 845 x 940 mm
Weight 38.5 kg
Ability 198 liters
Colour White
Kind Chest freezer horizontal
Inner material Inner lining in galvanized aluminum injected with microcellular foam
Antibacterial gasket Yes
Anti-mold gasket Yes
Noise 40 dB
Interior lighting Not
Door lock Yes
Quick freeze time 4 hours
Energy class F

Haier HCE203F availability and price

We leave you on these lines the best offers to buy this horizontal chest freezer. We recommend you pay attention to all these stores and check the prices of all of them to hunt possible offers or specific promotions that they may have.

Is about a simple model, but very interesting for homes or small offices that do not need the highest capacity or the best performance. It mainly fails that it has no interior light, but in return we applaud its anti-mold gasket and that it is quite quiet.

Finally, if you want to see more models of similar freezers, we invite you to know the characteristics of the Haier HCE379R.

  • Good capacity
  • Makes little noise
  • You can control the temperature from the outside with a couple of buttons
  • Fast freezing time
  • Good interior lining for easy cleaning and good temperature maintenance
  • Antibacterial gasket
  • Anti-mold gasket

  • It has no interior lighting
  • Can be difficult to access products left at the bottom
  • It does not have the possibility of setting different temperatures by zones
  • It is only available in white

Total score