Haier HTF-540DGG7, large capacity in this stainless steel refrigerator

haier htf 540dgg7 cabecera.jpg
haier htf 540dgg7 cabecera.jpg

The Haier HTF-540DGG7 o Haier Cube HTF-540DGG7 is a refrigerator designed in stainless steel that will offer you a large capacity. Thanks to this Haier appliance you will no longer have to worry about space and you can store the food you want without problems in its different compartments.

We discuss the Haier HTF-540DGG7

When we hear about frigorous AmericansSurely many of us come to mind those door-to-door refrigerators in which each one corresponds to a compartment. However, there are models like the Haier HTF-540DGG7 or Haier Cube HTF-540DGG7 that feature four doors, two on the top and two on the bottom.

In this case, we find that the refrigerator compartment is at the top, while the freezer at the bottom. Therefore, when purchasing one of these appliances, we will have to look at its design to see which one best suits our tastes and comforts.

The good thing about these types of American models with four doors is that you will not need to open a whole compartment to get what you are looking for. Thus, it will also help you save energy and not affect the temperature of the compartment as a whole.

Advanced cold system for good conservation

The Haier HTF-540DGG7 is an American refrigerator designed in stainless steel and whose net volume is 528 liters which are divided into 174 liters for the refrigerator compartment and 354 liters for the freezer.

In addition, it presents the technology Total No Frost to avoid the formation of frost and ice in the refrigerator and in an intelligent way. Thanks to it, it will not be necessary to defrost the freezer, since it does it automatically and, thus, you will not have to worry about this.

Also, this model allows you to adjust the temperature of the compartments according to what you need at all times. This technology has been called MyZone, it is innovative and it serves you to set the compartment temperature of your choice with a simple touch. Thus, by doing it independently, it does not affect the other and the cold remains stable in both.

To this must be added other technologies such as that of the Humidity Zone drawer, that will help you your fruits and vegetables last twice as long. This is achieved through the humidity control system, which is a plant fiber membrane that helps maintain humidity levels at 90% inside this drawer.

Thanks to this, the humidity is precisely maintained and the water does not remain condensed inside, thus increasing the shelf life of these foods.

Haier HTF-540DGG7

Efficient and quiet

The Haier HTF-540DGG7 comes classified with a class F in energy efficiency, so will consume 20% less than G-class models. It is also more environmentally friendly and, not only that, it is also quieter.

As it has a inverter compressor, it won’t make as much noise as other refrigerators. This is mainly due to the fact that the compressor is built with fewer components, so there is not as much vibration between them or as much effort is needed to make it work. Thus, you not only save on consumption, but also increase the useful life of the appliance.

All this with the led light illuminating its interior, a type of lighting that is clearer, more homogeneous and efficient that will also help reduce consumption. In this way, this refrigerator is presented as a practical, functional and efficient model.

Haier HTF-540DGG7

Haier Cube HTF-540DGG7 Features

Haier Cube HTF-540DGG7
Technical characteristics
Serie Cube
Type of device American refrigerator
Type of construction Independent
Cold system Total No Frost
Total net capacity 528 l
Cooling compartment
Control type Electronic
Automatic defrosting refrigerator compartment Yes
Supported temperature range 1º ~ 9º / -24º ~ -15º
Control type Electronic
Drawers in refrigeration compartment 2
Number of shelves 3
Refrigerator compartments 2
Trays Material Crystal
Zone 0 ° C Yes
Fast cooling Yes
Refrigeration compartment special features Integrated handles, My Zone, Multi-directional cooling system (2 evaporators)
Freezer compartment position lower
Freezer compartments 6
Fridge drawers 2
Number of adjustable trays 2
Shelves material Crystal
Freezer defrosting Yes
No frost Yes
Quick freeze Yes
Moisture filter Yes
Inverter motor Yes
Water connection Do not
Water dispenser Do not
Ice dispenser Do not
Freezer compartment Yes
Door opening Not changeable
Doors 4
Lock Do not
Door accessory LED display
Interior lighting Yes
Character specials Humidity Control System-HCS (automatic), My Zone, Super Cooling function, Super Freezing function, Holiday function
Environmentally friendly Yes
Visualization / Control
Controls Electronic
Bluetooth Do not
Temperature control Electronic
Temperature gauge, cooling section Yes
Adjustable compartment cooling temperature Yes
Adjustable freezer compartment temperature Yes
Temperature alarm Yes
Power supply
Energy consumption 340
General characteristics
Measurements (W x H x D) 200cm x 98cm x 73.7cm
Design French Door
Color (by manufacturer) Inox
Width 200 cm
Height 98 cm
Depth 73.7 cm
Adjustable feet Yes
Weight (according to manufacturer) 130 kg
Weight 130 kg
Contents 3 shelves in refrigerator, 1 MyZone compartment, 2 maxi vegetable drawer, 5 door compartments in refrigerator, 4 drawers in freezer, 2 trays in freezer.
Packing size (W / H / D) (cm) 98 cm / 200 cm / 73.7 cm
Manufacturer’s guarantee 2 years
Packaging width 98 cm
Packing height 200 cm
Packing depth 73.7 cm
Circumference 543.4 cm
Packed weight 145 kg
Power consumption data
Refrigerating capacity 174 l
Freezer capacity 354 l
Noise level 37 dB
EU Energy Efficiency Scale A to G
Energy consumption data (EU 2017/1369)
Energy efficiency class (EU 2017/1369) F

Opinions from the Haier HTF-540DGG7

This refrigerator has a good value for money. It stands out, above all, for spacious what is it and its minimalist stainless steel aesthetic. The temperature display is located outside, so it will not be necessary to open it to set the temperature or its functions.

On the downside, however, we find that the plastic materials of the interior drawers feel a bit flimsy So what warning alarms are rarely heard.

Haier HTF-540DGG7

Haier HTF-540DGG7 availability and price

And in this hot season, if you need a freezer, take a look at the Haier HCE143F.

  • Good value for money.
  • Spacious.
  • Nice aesthetic.
  • Outdoor temperature display.

  • The plastic materials inside are somewhat flimsy.
  • The alarms are rarely heard.

Total score