Haverland RC10E Thermal Emitter Analysis and Opinions

Haverland Rc10e Destacada.jpg
Haverland Rc10e Destacada.jpg

With the arrival of fall and winter, it is time to adjust to the often uncomfortable cold weather. This can make daily activities become real challenges, so it is always advisable to have thick clothes to wear, or heating equipment in offices and homes. If you already have cold clothes ready, you only need a device to keep the surroundings warm, and that is where the thermal emitter Haverland RC10E. Keep reading so that you know all the news about this advanced emitter that will save you difficult days during the cold months of the year.

Haverland RC10E Technical Specifications

Haverland RC10E
Brand Haverland
Model RC10E
Dimensions (Length. X Height. X Width) 90.9 x 58.0 x 9.4 cm
Weight 23 Kg
Functioning Fluid heat emitter with high thermal inertia
Power 1,250 watts
Heating area 13 – 19 square meters
Peripherals High precision PID programmable digital chronothermostat, Consumption indicator, Keypad
Operating modes Economic, Comfort, Antifreeze
Preset programs Yes, seven in total
Package content
  • Haverland RC10E Thermal Emitter
  • Installation kit
  • Power cord for plug

Innovative high thermal inertia design

It may seem that there are no new features in this section considering the continuous design in relation to other thermal emitters and heaters, but the reality is that the Haverland RC10E integrates in its manufacture a set of ten vertical aluminum injection bars that allow it to have a greater thermal inertia (heat absorption) for a subsequent uniform distribution of the same.

In addition to its external manufacturing, the way this heater is turned on (a digital heat fluid ignition system) helps heat build up much faster and throughout your body.

This small emitter reaches a maximum power of 1,250 watts, which translates into the energy required to heat small and medium-sized rooms of approximately 19 square meters. Depending on your needs and economic possibilities, you can modify its power with 3 operating modes, the first being the economical for greater energy savings, the second is a mode comfort to heat rooms to ideal temperatures, and the third is antifreeze for high performance.

Schedule it for every day of the week

The Haverland RC10E Not only is it power, but it is also backed by technology that gives the user total control of the temperature they want and when they want it.

Thanks to a digital chronothermostat, you can program the transmitter to the ideal temperature with impeccable precision (a maximum margin of error of 0.2 ° C). However, this is a feature that on its own is not much different from other issuers. It is there where his weekly programmable system, where you can create different operating routines depending on the day and time.

Haverland RC10E - Control

This system is perfect for work environments, since it allows you to create a schedule where the heater will work exclusively during working hours. You can even create routines for weekends, since your program makes a difference every day.

If you want to save even more time, you can use one of the seven presets to simply turn it on and use it. Of course the Haverland RC10E also has manual configuration for more control.

Safety and savings with the Haverland RC10E

We finish with a couple of additional features of Haverland RC10E that all its users will love. The first is a consumption indicator on the side of the device, which will show the amount of energy used to properly manage electricity bills.

The other function is your safety. To avoid possible accidents, the transmitter has a thermal limiter, and the side keyboard can be locked so that children do not modify it. In general, it is a product with a smart design that can become your best companion on autumn and winter nights.