Feet and Hands

Don’t forget to take care of your hands and feet! They also have a lot to say: do you want a relaxing massage? Or see your nails always cared for?

torno recargable de manicura y pedicura 2.jpg

Torno recargable de manicura y pedicura: así cuida tus uñas


Si estás buscando algún producto para cuidar tus uñas en casa, tanto las de las manos como las de los ...

set de manicura y pedicura de lidl 23.jpg

Lidl manicure and pedicure set: accessories included


If we talk about beauty, not everything is body and face. Taking care of our hands and feet is also ...

hidromasaje para pies zoom 3.jpg

Foot massage 80 W: now with 4 massage rollers


If you are one of those who likes to pamper yourself at home (or if you have never done it ...

quitadurezas vitalmaxx 2.jpg

Vitalmaxx hardness removers: an economical solution for your feet


Today we talk about Vitalmaxx callus removers, a product that we have found in the Lidl store and that you ...

masajeador electrico de pies de silvercrest 2.jpg

Silvercrest electric foot massager, is it worth it?


The new one just went on sale. Silvercrest electric foot massagerthe evolution of electric massager which we told you about ...

silkn eliminador de callos 23.jpg

Silk’n callus remover, what your feet need this summer


In summer our feet suffer more than ever: we get rid of our socks and change our shoes, not always ...

masajeador electrico de pies 2.jpg

Electric foot massager: the ultimate gift, now on sale


From the hand of Silvercrest we get to the Lidl product catalog a good assortment of very interesting devices and ...

quitadurezas electrico 2.jpg

Lidl electric callus remover, is it a good product?


If you are interested in the world of body care, there is an area of ​​your body that you cannot ...

secador de unas ultravioleta de lidl.jpg

Lidl ultraviolet nail dryer, your new ally for manicure


Do you like to prepare your nails at home? The options have evolved a lot and now, in addition to ...

Emjoi Micro Nail Mn1001 Cabecera.jpg

Emjoi Micro Nail MN1001, your nails always perfect and shiny.

Pretty nails are a foolproof presentation, but do you give them the care they deserve? Now you can do it ...

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