Health and Beauty

Technology also has a lot to say in the field of health and beauty. We analyze the best products from brands such as Bosch, GHD, Babyliss.

mascara unicskin cabecera.jpg

UNICSKIN mask, the mask for facial treatments


Do you like and care about the health of your facial skin? If so, the UNICSKIN mask or UNICLED KOREAN ...

glo910 cabecera.jpg

Glo910+, don’t miss this cellulite massager


Do you want to improve those areas with cellulite or refine them? Now you can do it comfortably and safely ...

tripollar pose vx.jpg

TriPollar POSE Vx, a very original gadget to take care of your body


A body 10 is yours. And also your cousin’s, your brother’s, your best friend’s or your boy’s. Whoever you are ...

xiaomi electric toothbrush t700 diseno.jpg

Xiaomi Electric Toothbrush T700, now available in stores in Spain


It is not a surprise that Xiaomi has a whole catalog dedicated to smart accessories for the care of users ...

xiaomi mijia electric shaver s600.jpg

Xiaomi Mijia Electric Shaver S600, new shaver with reduced size


There seems to be no gender in which Xiaomi do not dare to brand new your own products and even ...

soocas s32 cabecera.jpg

SOOCAS S32, shaver and facial treatment


The SOOCAS S32, More than a shaver, it is a facial treatment tool that will help you have a well-groomed ...

soocas d2 cabecera.jpg

SOOCAS D2, the electric toothbrush that sanitizes itself


The SOOCAS D2 It is an electric brush that, in addition to its different modes, is sterilized using UV technology. ...

skg k6 cabecera.jpg

SKG K6, have you seen this electric neck massager?


Do you often suffer from cervical pain or cervical tension? If the answer is yes, maybe the SKG-K6 or SKG ...

xiaomi mijia h500 2.jpg

Mijia H500, a dryer with aerodynamic noise reduction design


Before, to choose a dryer, we only took into account that it had a nice design, that the manufacturer gave ...

xiaomi mijia h700.jpg

Xiaomi Mijia H700, a dryer with a screen and high speed


Buy a hair dryer It’s not just choosing a nice design or a light handle. There are many other things ...