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Hiplant: A 6-in-1 plant including, among others, speaker and lamp


Do you have little space at home? Or are you following a minimalist lifestyle? Then this interests you. Hiplant It is the new object that you will want to have at home. His concept of 6 in 1 offers us, in a single piece, plant, speaker, humidifier, lamp, clock and purifier.

Hiplant Features

Hiplant, from the Japanese company TripleL, allows you all this in a single device. This innovative (and strange) concept has managed to unite a clock, a lamp, an air purifier, a humidifier, a speaker and even a plant. How did you do it? An image is worth a thousand words, so we invite you to see this small GIF in which you can know in detail what this gadget is like.

In a way, we could consider that it is a modular object. It is shaped like a flowerpot, is made of wood and has a front screen from which you can manage all its functions. Inside this “container” you will put the pot and from it comes a lamp with orange and yellow LEDs that can be programmed so that it not only illuminates your room, it will also help the plant to photosynthesize. As we have mentioned, it also has a purifier and humidifier, in addition to functioning as a speaker thanks to the holes included in its design.

Availability and price

Has it caught your attention? Without a doubt, it is a very curious object that you can get a lot out of. Its price? Just 6,270 yen, that is, about 50 euros to change. You can find it in GreenFunding. If you buy it now, you can get it at this price since it has a 36% discount compared to what will be its usual price. GreenFunding is a website dedicated to crowfunding gardening and similar issues, so it is logical that TripleL has chosen it to raise funds for the development of this curious object.