Hisense FT184D4AWF, a freezer that cools very well

hisense ft184d4awf, a freezer that cools very well
hisense ft184d4awf, a freezer that cools very well

The Hisense FT184D4AWF is a freezer drawer with a good capacity that will come in handy in this hot season. In this Hisense freezer you can store the food that you cannot store in the main one and even your drinks so that they are very cold.

We talk about this chest freezer

The Hisense FT184D4AWF is a white freezer that has a capacity of 142 liters, plus it has the My Fresh Choice function, which allows you to easily change it to a refrigerator.

Hisense FT184D4AWF

Thanks to its two integrated ergonomic handles, opening it will be very easy for you and it comes with a metal basket as a complement with a handle that you can place and remove depending on your needs, since with it you can freeze ultra-fast to maintain the properties of the food for longer. weather. The super-freezing function is very useful to achieve this, since, in addition to saving energy, it perfectly preserves the food so that it does not lose its characteristics.

Finally, with a freezing capacity of 13 kg in 24 hours, this freezer can keep food frozen for up to 32 hours after a power failure. In this way, we are facing a device that is not only practical, but also safe.

Hisense FT184D4AWF

Features of the Hisense FT184D4AWF

Guy Freezer
Shooter Integrated
Available colours White
voltage / frequency 220~240V / 50Hz
Climate classification (SN=10N32ºC, N=16N32ºC, ST=18N38ºC, T=18N43ºC) SN~T
Refrigerant Type/ Charge (R134a/R600a) / g R / g
freezer stars 4 star
Total volume 142
Freezer Volume 142
Energy efficiency F
Fridge/freezer defrost Manual
Control system Mechanic
No Frost Nope
High Product 842mm
Product Width 697mm
Product Depth 557mm

Reviews of the Hisense FT184D4AWF

The value for money of this freezer is quite good. It is spacious, but, above all, it freezes well, plus it has the advantage that we can use it as a refrigerator if we want. It also has the super freezing function, so we can quickly cool and freeze food. All this makes it a good model to consider.

However, if we have to highlight any negative point, we find it in that it is not a No Frost appliance, which means that we will have to defrost it manually from time to time with how tedious this task is.

Hisense FT184D4AWF

  • There is a good quality price relation.
  • Freeze well.
  • It can be used as a refrigerator.
  • Super freeze function.
  • It’s not No Frost.