Hisense FV354N4BIE, we discovered this practical upright freezer

hisense fv343n4bie cabecera.jpg
hisense fv343n4bie cabecera.jpg

A cheap, gray upright freezer sounds good at this time, right? Well today we are talking about Hisense FV354N4BIE. With this Hisense freezer you will have much more space to store the food you want and your products without the need to defrost it manually.

This is the Hisense FV354N4BIE

The Hisense FV354N4BIE is a gray upright freezer featuring dimensions of 59.5 cm x 185.5 cm x 65 cm and that offers a 260 liter net volume, so it offers you a large capacity to store your products and frozen foods.

Spacious and efficient

In addition, this freezer will surprise you, since it seems that due to its small size it will not be spacious, but, once we open it, we see that with its capacity we can store food and preserve it perfectly. Its interior, in fact, is prepared so that we can organize ourselves as we want and in an efficient way.

Besides, illuminated by LED light, This means that it will consume less energy, in addition to that you will enjoy a clearer, homogeneous and cooler light, which will illuminate the entire freezer compartment. At the top, at another point, you will also find the touch panel to control settings and different functions.

You won’t have to defrost it

Finally, you have to know that it is a No Frost model. This means that it will not generate frost, since defrosts automatically And this implies, in turn, that you will not have to do it manually and you will be able to avoid this tedious task.

Hisense FV343N4BIE

Hisense FV354N4BIE Features

Hisense FV354N4BIE
Technical characteristics
Type of device Upright freezer
Refrigerant R-600a
Total net capacity 260 l
Cooling compartment
Number of shelves 5
No frost Yes
Freezer compartment special features 13 kg / 24h
Water dispenser Do not
Doors 1
Interior lighting Yes
Wifi Do not
Visualization / Control
Bluetooth Do not
Temperature control Do not
Temperature gauge, cooling section Yes
General characteristics
Measurements (W x H x D) 59.5 cm x 185.5 cm x 65 cm
Color (by manufacturer) Gray
Color (standardized) Gray
Width 59.5 cm
Height 185.5 cm
Depth 65 cm
Adjustable feet Yes
Weight (according to manufacturer) 72 kg
Packing size (W / H / D) (cm) 64.3 cm / 194.5 cm / 71.3 cm
Packaging width 64.3 cm
Packing height 194.5 cm
Packing depth 71.3 cm
Circumference 465.7 cm
Packed weight 85 kg
Power consumption data
Model FV354N4BIE
Annual energy consumption 246 kWh
Noise level 41 dB
EU Energy Efficiency Scale A to G
Energy consumption data (EU 2017/1369)
Energy efficiency class (EU 2017/1369) AND

Opinions from the Hisense FV354N4BIE

This upright freezer it is spacious, with an interior in which we can easily organize our food. Also, being No Frost, no need to defrost manually and offers good cold results. Therefore, the negative point is that it is somewhat noisy.

Hisense FV343N4BIE

Availability and price of the Hisense FV354N4BIE

And if you want to continue seeing other vertical freezers of the brand, here we leave you the Hisense FV343N4BIE.

  • Good value for money.
  • Cools well.
  • Spacious,
  • Easy to organize interior.
  • No Frost.

  • Something noisy.

Total score