Hisense HS661C60W, a spacious 16-service dishwasher


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Hisense presents the Hisense HS661C60W, a dishwasher designed in white, efficient and with a large capacity with its 16 services. Join us to learn about the benefits offered by this practical and at the same time functional appliance.

This is the Hisense HS661C60W

The Hisense HS661C60W is a white dishwasher, the interior of which is Made of stainless steel to make it more resistant and durable. In this way, it is also more hygienic than dishwashers that have a plastic bottom, in addition to avoiding bad odors and they are easier to maintain.

With an energy efficiency of class CIt is an efficient appliance that consumes little and is also respectful of the environment, a fundamental aspect for many people, since more and more of us are concerned about getting more sustainable products.

its Inverter technology, consisting of a brushless motor, makes it more durable and also requires less effort to operate. It also generates less vibrations and is quieter.

Another advantage of this dishwasher, without a doubt, is found in how spacious it is, since it has a total of three trays that are flexible and that you can organize with ease. In this way, in his space for 16 services You can order your dishes however you want, and it is perfect for all types of families.

In fact on its third tray you can place cutlery, long utensils or coffee cups, they won’t fall off and will leave more space in the lower baskets for more optimal organization, as well as better washing and drying results. What’s more, the design of the baskets, in general, makes them very flexible.

The baskets of this dishwasher can be loaded quickly and adapted to the available space without problems. In addition, its adjustment system comes with a folding of the lower basket supports so that you can fit large pots and even dishes with a diameter of 31 cm.

Interesting features

Also, the Hisense HS661C60W comes with very interesting features, such as the Total Aqua Stop system, an anti-leak system that not only detects possible leaks, but also the damages derived from this happening. Thus, we can not worry about accidents happening.

Comes with a double or double screen display, where you can control the status of the programs and the dishwasher at a glance. Its intuitive design will allow you to easily see aspects such as the status of the program or the different settings selected.

One of these functions that you can set and that will help you make the dishes dry completely without spending additional energy is the Auto Dry. East additional drying occurs when the door opens automatically at the end of the wash cycle. In this way, the steam escapes and the air from outside enters the dishwasher while drying the dishes, without the need for additional energy costs.

Hisense HS661C60W

Quiet and with good programs

As we have already advanced, the Hisense HS661C60W is a silent dishwasher thanks to its Inverter motor and its construction. In fact, it only emits 44 dB, so you can use it whenever you want, even at night to have clean dishes the next morning.

But what if you need the dishes to be cleaned soon for any inconvenience? For it you will have the quick program Quick Wash 20 ‘, with which you will have clean the dishes in just 20 minutes. This program will be in charge of adjusting the amount of water and the ideal temperature to achieve flawless results.

Although, if you are one of those who do not want to complicate and like that the machine does everything for them, it also comes with a automatic program that will take care of adjusting the parameters without you having to worry about anything else.

To do this, it will make use of the sensors it brings with it and will determine how many dishes are inside, as well as its level of dirt. Afterwards, it will take care of adjusting the water, energy and time required to achieve optimal results.

Of course, if you want to save even more when you wash the dishes, you can also make use of the ECO program, which will be used to wash dishes with a normal degree of dirt. Thus, with an efficient combination of water and energy, you will achieve save up to 79% water and 98% electricity without giving up the results you are looking for.

And finally, don’t forget, this dishwasher features the Delay Start function so you can set the time of when you want the dishwasher to start washing. In this way, you can set the time between 1 and 24 hours to have your dishes ready when you want or need it.

Hisense HS661C60W

Features of the Hisense HS661C60W

Hisense HS661C60W
Delayed start Yes
Number of services 16 Services
Washing programs Quick wash, intensive program, water softener
Third tray (Cutlery holder) Yes
Auto power off Yes
Washing class TO
Drying class Residual heat
Glass protection Yes
Delayed programming Yes
AquaSensor function Yes
Extra drying No
AquaStop function Yes
Energy efficiency C
AC input voltage 220-240V
Current 10 A
Power consumption (off) 0.5 W
AC input frequency 50 Hz
Connected load 1900 W
Annual energy consumption 2170 KwH
Annual water consumption 2688 l
Inverter motor Yes
Product color White
Cable length 1.5 m
Adjustable height of the upper basket Yes
Appliance placement Independent
Product size Full size (60cm)
Door color White
Control Panel Black
Control type Buttons
Built-in display Yes
Display type LCD
Drying system Auto Dry
Width 55-60 cm
Depth 596 mm
Height 848 mm
Wash remaining time indicator Yes
Salt indicator Yes
Rinse aid indicator Yes

Opinions from the Hisense HS661C60W

This dishwasher it has a good price for the different benefits it offers. It is quite efficient, as well as very spacious and easy to use. However, as negative points it should be noted that the materials of the baskets are not of that good quality and it is louder than it promises.

Hisense HS661C60W

Availability and price of the Hisense HS661C60W

If you want to see another spacious dishwasher, here is the Hisense HS6130W.

  • Quite efficient.
  • Spacious.
  • Easy to use.

  • Poor quality basket materials.
  • It’s louder than it promises.

Total score