Hisense HV603D40, an economical large capacity dishwasher

hisense hv603d40 4.jpg
hisense hv603d40 4.jpg

At this point in the movie you will no longer be surprised to know that Hisense It is much more than televisions or smarpthones, some of the products for which you surely began to know this brand. Now they have a super complete catalog so that you can furnish your Smart Home without missing anything. And more specifically, it is in our kitchen where these devices find more space. Today we highlight the Hisense HV603D40, a dishwasher model that stands out at first for its low price and high capacity. Worth? Let’s see it next. In this article we tell you everything you need to know about it so that you can make your purchase decision with all the data on the table. It is the only way to know that, when you click on the shopping cart, you are going to be sure with your choice.

Design of the Hisense HV603D40

We find a dishwasher with a high capacity, specifically for 14 covered or services, so you will not have problems if guests come or if you decide to do a batchcooking day and you get together in the kitchen with dirty pots and pans and the biggest laziness in the world to clean them by hand.

It is a type dishwasher integrable, with color black as the protagonist. Inside we find the vat in stainless steel. Its dimensions are 815 x 596 x 558 mm and its weight is 33 kg. Have adjustable rear legs. Do not worry, because they are adjusted from the front, so you will not have to do watermarks if you need to modify this height. Another piece of information that many of you find very useful is the length of the power cord. In this case, it reaches 1.5 m.

The interior is very well distributed, with the third tray how fashionable is it now. If you stop to investigate the market for new dishwashers a bit, you will see that most have this third tray. Why? It is a very interesting way to save space and have your cutlery better placed and of course better cleaned in the dishwasher.

We also have two main buckets, with space for pots, pans, plates, trays … It has enough space so you don’t have to play (too much) Tetris. And this is one of its main advantages.

7 programs (including an Intensive)

The Hisense HV603D40 features 7 programs and 4 wash temperatures. Among them, we have an intensive, as well as a special program for glassware. What is the best you should put? We recommend that, when this dishwasher enters your home, you try the first days to put different programs each time so that you can try them all and see for yourself how it is cleaned in each case. Another way to easily choose the best program for your wash is to take into account the degree of dirt and the time you have available. If you are in a hurry and the dishes are not very dirty, the fastest may be enough. But if you’ve been in the kitchen and you’ve made a lot of dirt, the grease is stuck or you have the dishwasher up, you’d better spend a little more time on it.

Hisense HV603D40

More things: it has a system Total Aquastop, to protect equipment from water leaks (something you already knew could be fatal to your kitchen). And so that you do not neglect and be always attentive to what happens with your dishwasher, this model has digital countdown indicator, end of cycle indicator (sound and light), salt light and rinse aid light.

And if there is something that we specifically want to highlight, besides that it cleans well, it is also that it dries in a special way. We explain. His system AutoDry offers a automatic drying function. When the wash is finished, the door opens automatically, so that excess steam escapes, while fresh air enters the interior. In this way, drying is more natural and effective, so that electrical energy is not wasted for this step. Does it come out dry? Yes, you will not be disappointed.

And speaking of energy, finally we mention that your energy certificate is D and that its noise level is 46 dB. Silent? Pretty. They are not spectacular data, but for the type of budget in which we are moving, both its discreet noise level and its energy certification leave us more than satisfied.

Hisense HV603D40

Technical characteristics of the Hisense HV603D40

Hisense HV603D40
Dimensions 815 x 596 x 558 mm
Weight 33 kg
Colour Black
Guy Integrable
Capacity 14 services
Cable length 1.5 m
Tank material Stainless steel
Number of trays 3
Number of programs 7
Number of wash temperatures 4
Featured Technologies
  • Total Aquastop
  • AutoDry
Noise 46 dB
  • Countdown digital indicator
  • End of cycle indicator (sound and light)
  • Salt indicator light
  • Rinse aid indicator light
Energy certificate D

Availability and price of the Hisense HV603D40

You have already discovered a good dishwasher, large, powerful, with a good cleaning and drying, from the hand of Hisense. This Hisense HV603D40 allows you to have a built-in dishwasher at home for a fairly reasonable price for what similar models are usually worth. Perhaps it is not the most advanced in terms of design, nor the most modern, but, hey, the set leaves us very satisfied and I’m sure that if you don’t want anything high-end, it can convince you too.

Do you want to see more models? Do not miss our review of the characteristics of the Hisense HS6130W, with an even greater capacity.

  • Good value for money.
  • Wash well
  • Dries well
  • Very good capacity
  • With third tray
  • Pretty quiet
  • Energy efficient good
  • With AutoDry technology
  • With AquaStop technology
  • Stainless steel tank

  • It is not free to install and this may be a problem for some
  • It is not the prettiest in design

Total score