Hisense RB390N4AC2, Total No Frost fridge freezer at a good price

hisense rb390n4ac2 cabecera.jpg
hisense rb390n4ac2 cabecera.jpg

Do you want to see a Total No Frost combi refrigerator for a great price? So, stay to know the Hisense RB390N4AC2, 300 liter capacity. With this Hisense refrigerator and its different technologies, you will enjoy all the good things about this type of appliance for a very good price.

We talk about the Hisense RB390N4AC2

The Hisense RB390N4AC2 is a combi refrigerator that stands out for being Total No Frost, that is to say, inside we will not find frost or ice plates, in addition to that we will not have to defrost it manually either.

It cools very well because it comes with it Multi Air Flow system, that causes the cold air to be distributed evenly to maintain a constant temperature and, in this way, food is better preserved.

What’s more, on the shelves there are small holes They also help keep the temperature going, even if you open the door.

Easy to use, as you expect

In fact, the door of the Hisense RB390N4AC2 opens at 90 °, which means that it adapts very well to spaces next to the wall or that are small. Besides, it has a temperature control that greatly facilitates its use, since it is electronic and with it you will be able to see and set from the temperature to the functions that it brings.

Silent and practical

What’s more, one of the most interesting functions that the Hisense RB390N4AC2 has is, without a doubt, that of Super Freeze. Flash freezing serves not only to save energy, but to prepare the appliance to receive a significant amount of food.

In this way, the food you put in will quickly warm up of which you already had inside, apart from promoting a faster freezing that preserves the nutrients in a much more effective way. And all this with a sound level of only 38 dB. In other words, you won’t even know that the refrigerator is working.

Hisense RB390N4AC2

Hisense RB390N4AC2 Features

Hisense RB390N4AC2
Type of device Combi fridge
Type of construction Independent
Cold System No frost
Total net capacity 300 l
Freezer compartment position lower
Fridge drawers 4
No frost Yes
Door opening Right
Doors 2
Interior lighting Yes
Character specials Independent
Energy consumption 240 kWh
Measurements (W x H x D) 59.5 cm x 186 cm x 59 cm
Color (by manufacturer) Inox
Color (standardized) Not available
Width 59.5 cm
Height 186 cm
Depth 59 cm
Weight (according to manufacturer) 63 kg
Weight 63 kg
Content Combi fridge
Packing size (W / H / D) (cm) 64.5 cm / 193.5 cm / 63 cm
Packaging width 64.5 cm
Packing height 193.5 cm
Packing depth 63 cm
Circumference 448.5 cm
Packed weight 400 g
Energy efficiency A ++
Refrigerating capacity 207 l
Freezer capacity 93 l
Noise level 38 dB

Opinions from the Hisense RB390N4AC2

This fridge freezer has a good value for money. It is not one of the most spacious combis on the market, but it offers a good capacity. In addition, it also cools well and does not need to be defrosted manually.

Of course, as a negative point we observe that its interior it is not very flexible and the LED light does not fully illuminate the entire compartment.

Hisense RB390N4AC2

Availability and price of the Hisense RB390N4AC2

And do not forget that you can see other combi of the brand such as, for example, the Hisense RB390N4AW1.

  • Good value for money.
  • Total No Frost.
  • Cools well.
  • Super freeze function.

  • Inflexible interior.
  • LED light does not illuminate the entire compartment.

Total score