Hisense RS677N4AWF, is this two-door combi worth it?

hisense rs677n4awf 3.jpg
hisense rs677n4awf 3.jpg

The American dream is to have a two-door refrigerator … or at least it is the beginning. Until not too long ago, the combis that we used in most homes were single-door, today, due to space and price, they are still possibly the most demanded option. However, it is becoming more and more common to see American-type combis with double doors in the homes of our friends and family. The democratization of their prices and the arrival of manufacturers such as Hisense, which offer models like this Hisense RS677N4AWF with excellent value for money, it has made many of us take the meter to put this double refrigerator in our kitchens.

If you are thinking of buying it, as a spoiler we can tell you that it is a good option. It is a simple model, but with a high capacity and with certain technologies that make it one of the most interesting in terms of value for money. Let’s get to know it.

Design of the Hisense RS677N4AWF

This Hisense Side by Side RS677N4AWF has a blunt size. Its dimensions are 1,786 x 910 x 646 mm and its net weight is 104 kg. The length of the cable is 2 meters and the color of the appliance is White. It also has adjustable legs so that we can level the refrigerator well. Keep in mind that if you don’t have them properly adjusted you could have vibrations and noises in your fridge. If this happens to you, review them well because it can be this very easy to solve issue.

As we told you, what stands out the most about its design is its double door system. On the outside, it has large handles to open them without difficulty and a led screen in which we can see the interior temperature (and adjust it as we need). Its interior layout is very interesting and we assure you that you will have plenty of space to store everything you need, whether you are a large family or if you live alone or as a couple but you are a great fan of batch cooking.

The total gross capacity of the combi is 519 liters, which is divided into 334 liters for the fridge area and 185 liters for the freezer area. On the left side we have the refrigerator, with six shelves, a bottle rack, two drawers and three shelves on the door, while on the right side we find the freezer with five shelves, two drawers and four shelves on the door.

NoFrost Plus system in both zones

Having such a large refrigerator is a great advantage so that you can fit all your purchases without any problem, even so you can store frozen tuppers and tuppers. But the drawback would be having to do the tedious task of defrosting every so often, something that is not necessary in this model thanks to the NoFrost Plus system included in both the freezer and refrigerator areas. Thanks to this, it will not frost and you will not have to defrost every season.

On the other hand, it is also worth highlighting the system Multiflow 360º. It is a technology that is capable of distributing air evenly throughout the interior of the refrigerator and freezer. The advantage of this is that the food does not spoil, thanks to the constant maintenance of temperature.

Hisense RS677N4AWF

As an interesting extra, it has a Acoustic alarm of open doorVery useful if you have children at home or if you tend to be somewhat forgetful yourself. Leaving the door open for a long time would spoil all the food inside the fridge, so this extra is extremely useful.

Noise and energy certification

Its noise level is 42 dB, in the line of other similar models, so in this sense you should not have problems. Remember that if your refrigerator is ringing too much, it may be due to a problem that can be easily solved, such as that the legs are not well adjusted or that it is in its first hours of start-up, or a fault, in which case you will have to contact with your technical service.

Perhaps the least attractive point is its energy classification. Has obtained a class F (on the new scale from A to G), so it is not the most efficient.

Technical characteristics of the Hisense RS677N4AWF

Hisense RS677N4AWF
Dimensions 1,786 x 910 x 646 mm
Weight 104 kg
Colour White
Exterior screen Yes
Cable length 2 meters
Total capacity 519 liters
Refrigerator capacity 334 liters
Freezer capacity 185 liters
Interior distribution of the refrigerator Six shelves, a bottle rack, two drawers and three shelves on the door
Interior layout of the freezer Five shelves, two drawers and four shelves on the door.
Technologies to highlight
  • NoFrost Plus
  • MultiFlow 360º
Open door alarm Yes
Noise 42 dB
Energy classification F

Availability and price of the Hisense RS677N4AWF

If you are looking for an American refrigerator with a good value for money and that does not bleed your pocket too much, this Hisense RS677N4AWF is possibly the option you were looking for. It has a large interior capacity, NoFrost Plus system to avoid frost and the tedious task of defrosting every so often and a good distribution. It is not one of the most advanced in terms of technology, but it fulfills its main objective: to give you a lot of capacity to preserve your food and do it well. It is true that it lacks little details (such as connectivity, ice dispenser at the door, etc.), things that we can find in other models, but the truth is that its price justifies what it is. For what it costs, it more than meets expectations.

If you want to see more options of American refrigerators, here we show you the Hisense RQ563N4GB1.

  • Silent
  • Modern double door design
  • With NoFrost Plus and MultiFlow 360º technology
  • Lots of capacity
  • With acoustic door open alarm
  • There is a good quality price relation

  • Not very efficient energy classification
  • Very bulky and heavy
  • It does not have a cold water or ice dispenser

Total score