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balay 3sc377b, features of this condenser dryer

Balay 3SC377B, features of this condenser dryer

terry johns

Are you going to buy a new dryer? If you want a model that stands out for its good value for ...

samsung wd90t534dbn, check out this stylish washer dryer

Samsung WD90T534DBN, check out this stylish washer dryer

terry johns

With an elegant and modern design in stainless steel, the Samsung WD90T534DBN is a very complete washer-dryer with self-dosing. With this Samsung washer-dryer, you won’t ...

lg f4dv5010smw cabecera.jpg

LG F4DV5010SMW, a great smart washer-dryer


Looking for a washer and dryer? Well, don’t miss what we have to tell you about the interesting LG F4DV5010SMW washer- dryer . With a variety ...

como secar la ropa en interiores.jpg

Tricks to dry clothes indoors without damaging them and quickly

Although the ideal is to dry clothes in the open air, this is not always possible. If you don’t have ...

secadora con bomba de calor 2.jpg

What is a heat pump tumble dryer and how do they work?


If you are thinking of buying one drying machine, surely you have a thousand doubts. Home appliances change a lot ...

lg rc80u2av4d cabecera.jpg

LG RC80U2AV4D, we tell you how is this efficient dryer

The LG RC80U2AV4D o LG RC80U2AV4D.ABWQKES is an efficient dryer with which you can have your clothes dry and smooth ...

lavadoras secadoras baratas todo lo que debes saber.jpg

Cheap Washer Dryers: Everything You Need To Know

A washer with dryer or just washing machine As some say, it is one of the best comforts that we ...

aeg l7wee862s cabecera.jpg

AEG L7WEE862S, washer-dryer that takes care of your clothes

A washer-dryer as efficient as the AEG L7WEE862S It will allow you to have your clothes washed and ready in ...

lavasecadora beko hygieneshield.jpg

Hygiene Shield Washer Dryer Promises to Eliminate Coronavirus

Beko has just presented her Hygiene Shield washer-dryer, an appliance that promises to end the coronavirus thanks to an extra ...

aeg l8wec162s cabecera.jpg

AEG L8WEC162S, a washer-dryer with very interesting features

With a 10 and 6 kg washer-dryer like the AEG L8WEC162S you will have your clothes clean and dry in ...

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