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mc haus artic 12, video and opinions of this portable air conditioner

Mc Haus ARTIC-12, video and opinions of this portable air conditioner

terry johns

As the years go by, the temperatures increase and every summer there are many families who feel hot. Many have already ...

can the government force you to put the air conditioning at 27 degrees

Can the Government force you to put the air conditioning at 27 degrees?

terry johns

Yesterday, the  first measures of the Government’s Energy Savings Plan were made public , which has already been approved by the Council ...

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Junkers boilers, the best currently on the market


It is normal for users to look for different ways to save money on a daily basis but of course ...

detector monoxido carbono netatmo.jpg

Netatmo Carbon Monoxide Detector – How Does It Work?


Did you know that it is very important to control carbon monoxide levels at home to avoid accidents or health ...

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How often should the air conditioner be cleaned?


In you cleaning Routine insurance that includes cleaning the dust, the bathroom, the kitchen and changing the sheets, among other ...

eisl toallero electrico 2.jpg

Eisl electric towel rack by Lidl, now also available in a physical store


This week, in the news catalog of the Lidl bazaar section, we have found a very interesting product that can ...

chimenea lidl.jpg

Lidl electric fireplace, Silvercrest’s latest success


If you want to give your home a more cozy touch this winter, we have found the perfect gadget. This is ...

spc espirare purificadores.jpg


Spc just presented the new ESPIRARE ION and ESPIRARE MAX purifiers, two models compatible with virtual assistants and whose main ...

calefactor de vidrio de lidl.jpg

Glass heater from Lidl and Silvercrest: prepare for winter


Are you looking for new products to prepare for the arrival of the cold? The blanket to watch Netflix on ...

filtros para la campana extractora que debes saber.jpg

Filters for the extractor hood, what should you know?

When it comes to maintaining proper kitchen ventilation and eliminating cooking odors, we often ignore one of the most crucial ...

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