The main ones are hand blenders and glass blenders, but there are many more. The blender, mincer, mixer.

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VARIO by Ufesa, a new and complete range of hand mixers

VARIO by Ufesa, a new and complete range of hand mixers

Bosch Ergo Mixx Msm66110.jpg

Bosch Ergo Mixx MSM66110, cheap hand mixer with many extras

Good Morning! On Gizhogar you know that we love to bring you the best analysis of products for the home ...

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Taurus Robot 500, what is the Turbo Rotation System for?

In the world of small appliances, so-called “handheld” products are one of the most popular. For example, at Gizhogar we ...

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Twist & Fusion 4000 and 4500 Luxury, Cecotec mixers

A pair of new mixers Cecotec hit the market. They are the models Twist & Fusion 4000 and 4500 Luxury. ...

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Blender or mixer, which one do I buy?

When we want to buy a new appliance to be able to mix different foods, we can hesitate between a ...

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Cecomixer Easy, the mixer for beginners

The Cecomixer Easy o Cecotec Cecomixer Easy is an inexpensive mixer with a beautiful design that will allow you to ...

Taurus Bapi 1200 Cabecera.jpg

Taurus Bapi 1200, powerful and economical stick blender

If you need a powerful mixer to prepare your recipes quickly and without complications, the Taurus Bapi 1200 of Taurus ...

Bosch Maxomixx Msm89160 Cabecera.jpg

Bosch MaxoMixx MSM89160, professional hand mixer.

Prepare your favorite creams, sauces or smoothies with the hand mixer Bosch MaxoMixx MSM89160 or Bosch MSM89160. With its accessories, ...

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Moulinex Perfect Mix +, mixing glass with to make perfect shakes.

Are you fond of smoothies and creams? You’re lucky. Moulinex brings you the Moulinex Perfect Mix +, a shaker glass ...

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Tricks to clean the mixer with little effort

The blender is one of the kitchen utensils that we use the most in our home and that often saves ...

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