Kitchen robots

There is life beyond Thermomix and there are great alternatives such as food machines from Moulinex, the kitchen robot from Kenwood, Bosch and even Lidl or others.

this is the best cheap kitchen robot, according to the ocu

This is the best cheap kitchen robot, according to the OCU

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The  Thermomix is ​​one of the most desired household appliances, but its price makes many people unable to access it. It exceeds 1,200 ...

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MultiCooker Touch by Masterpro, this is the Thermomix by Aldi

Both for those of you who love to cook and for those of you who are not very crafty between ...


What is a crockpot and what is this appliance for?

In every home there is a pressure cooker, And although it is our grandparents and our parents who seem to ...

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Bosch MUMS2EW30, your new ally for making doughs and mixes

Bosch MUMS2EW30, your new ally for making doughs and mixes


Cookidoo: we tested the Thermomix recipe platform

Last week we told you that we are preparing a series of articles about the new Thermomix TM6. We already ...

Como Configurar Thermomix Tm6.jpg

How to set up Thermomix TM6 in just 1 minute

The Thermomix It is one of the best valued and appreciated household appliances by the user community. We all want ...

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Promo Fnac Hogar, new discounts on small appliances

We start the week in the best way, with new discounts. The Fnac store brings out the scissors again in ...

Limpiar El Robot De Cocina Foto 1.jpg

Tips for cleaning your food processor effectively

On other occasions we have talked about cleaning appliances and the importance of keeping them in good condition and extending ...

Bosch Mum58720 Cabecera.jpg

Bosch MUM58720, ideal kitchen robot for pastry

If you are one of those who like pastries, you are in luck! Today we present you the Bosch MUM58720, ...

Moulinex Hf800a13 Cabecera.jpg

Moulinex HF800A13, food processor with up to 300 recipes.

If you like cooking, you will probably already know kitchen robots, those appliances that help you cook countless dishes without ...

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