Sewing Machines

Although it may not seem like it, sewing machines are still used a lot today. If you are looking for sewing tips, we look for the best cheap sewing machine

Alfa Style 40 Cabecera.jpg

Alfa Style 40, a good sewing machine for beginners

If you want to learn to sew or want or want to do it comfortably, you need a good sewing ...

Saivod Mcv13.jpg

Saivod MCV13, a simple and affordable sewing machine.

For those of you who like to sew, but don’t want to spend too much money, today we present the ...

Singer Promise 1409 Cabecera.jpg

Singer Promise 1409, the sewing machine that will do everything for you.

If you like sewing and are looking for a sewing machine, Singer presents its Singer Promise 1409, a machine with ...

Singer Serenade 8280.jpg

Singer Serenade 8280, analysis and opinions of this sewing machine

It is true that the custom of sewing our garments at home is being lost. We all remember our grandmothers ...