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Do you need advice to buy your robot vacuum cleaner? We analyze the models of all brands: Roomba, LG robot vacuum cleaners, Ilife robot vacuum cleaner, etc.

neabot q11, a complete hybrid robot vacuum cleaner

Neabot Q11, a complete hybrid robot vacuum cleaner

terry johns

Keeping the surfaces of your home clean will be very easy with the Neabot Q11 self-emptying robot vacuum cleaner. This robot vacuum ...

samsung bespoke jet, new vacuum cleaner with self emptying base

Samsung Bespoke Jet, new vacuum cleaner with self-emptying base

terry johns

Samsung Bespoke is the company’s most design-focused product line. And a new example of this is found in the  Samsung Bespoke Jet , a ...

roborock dyad, a very versatile broom vacuum cleaner

Roborock Dyad, a very versatile broom vacuum cleaner

terry johns

No more having to change vacuum cleaners when picking up wet or dry dirt with the powerful and versatile Roborock Dyad . This Roborock broom vacuum will ...

evvo r7 laser cabecera.jpg

Evvo R7 Laser, interesting hybrid robot vacuum cleaner


The Evvo R7 Laser o EVVO Robot vacuum cleaner R7 LASER is a very complete robot with good autonomy to ...

roomba 974.jpg

Roomba 974, a robot that cleans effectively


The iRobot Roomba 974 or Roomba 974 is a robot vacuum cleaner that guarantees efficient cleaning with great results every day. Thanks to ...

zaco a10 cabecera.jpg

Zaco A10, an innovative and modern robot vacuum cleaner


The Zaco A10 is a hybrid robot vacuum cleaner that comes with multiple functions to clean your house automatically and efficiently. This Zaco vacuum comes with ...

roomba i3 cabecera.jpg

Roomba i3, interesting robot vacuum cleaner compatible with Alexa


Clean your home without having to make any effort with the effective and practical Roomba i3 or iRobot Roomba i3 robot vacuum cleaner . This great iRobot robot will ...

roomba 976 cabecera.jpg

Roomba 976, an intelligent and efficient robot vacuum cleaner


The Roomba 976 , Roomba R976040 or iRobot Roomba 976 is an advanced robot vacuum cleaner with which you will no longer ...

roomba 694 cabecera.jpg

Roomba 694, is this robot vacuum cleaner worth it?


iRobot is the brand of robot vacuum cleaners recognized for its quality and today we will talk about a popular model: ...

xiaomi mijia sweeping and mopping robot 2.jpg

Xiaomi Mijia Sweeping and Mopping Robot: the latest news from Xiaomi


Robot vacuum cleaners are no longer a fad and have become part of the list of essential appliances and gadgets ...

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