Vacuum cleaner robot

Do you need advice to buy your robot vacuum cleaner? We analyze the models of all brands: Roomba, LG robot vacuum cleaners, Ilife robot vacuum cleaner, etc.

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Fifty Restaurant: This is the place where only Thermomix is ​​used


The  Thermomix  has always been the greatest object of desire for private kitchens for decades, but, as we all know, it is ...

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Roborock E5, a hassle-free robot vacuum cleaner

The Roborock E5 is a simple robot vacuum cleaner designed to cover your daily cleaning needs without any complications. This ...

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Conga 3890 Titanium, know how this robot vacuum cleaner works

If you are looking for a smart robot vacuum cleaner, do not miss what we will tell about the Conga ...

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Roomba i6, the always powerful and efficient robot vacuum cleaner

Robot vacuum cleaners iRobot They are always trusted for their performance, so today we are going to tell you about ...

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Conga 6090, an efficient and reliable hybrid robot vacuum cleaner


The Conga 6090 o Cecotec Conga 6090 is a hybrid robot vacuum cleaner prepared to help you keep your home ...

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Conga 7090, the robot vacuum cleaner with Artificial Intelligence


If you are looking for a robot vacuum cleaner that can do it all, take a look at the Conga ...

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The new Roomba j7 + is designed for homes with pets


The manufacturer iRobot has just presented a new model for going back to school. It’s about the Roomba j7 +, ...

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Thermomix conveyor table: new accessory for your robot

If you have one Thermomix TM6Surely you already know the accessories catalog for your kitchen robot from A to Z. ...

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How to connect Thermomix Friend to Thermomix TM6

Vorwerk has launched a new accessory for the Thermomix that seeks to help you in your kitchen even more. The ...

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My Conga is not working: What is happening with these robots?

The fanciest might think it’s about the rebellion of the robots. But the truth is that there is another more ...