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smartmi rainforest humidifier, a rain effect humidifier

Smartmi Rainforest Humidifier, a rain effect humidifier

terry johns

Humidifiers (and also dehumidifiers) have become very fashionable in recent years. After the pandemic, we have understood the importance of having ...

decorative paintings, what options do we have to choose from

Decorative paintings, what options do we have to choose from?

terry johns

When it comes to using paints for our home, there are almost as many options as there are different tastes ...

balay 3vs6030ba, modern white dishwasher

Ikea Kreativ, the tool that now allows you to erase furniture

terry johns

One of the advantages of buying at Ikea, apart from its price, is that it has  design tools that allow us to ...

these are the sofas that are currently being seen the most in spanish homes

These are the sofas that are currently being seen the most in Spanish homes

terry johns

Trends are constantly changing in many sectors, as the fashion and technology sectors demonstrate. Another clear example of this is the ...

comprar un colchon barato.jpg

5 tips when buying a cheap mattress


Having pain in the back, shoulders and neck can make anyone’s life miserable, so choose the right mattress Where you ...

borrador magico.jpg

Magic eraser, does the magic sponge clean walls do any good?


Spotless walls last a day … and sometimes not even that. It is not necessary to have children at home ...

vinagre y limon.jpg

Vinegar and lemon: the definitive trick to avoid bugs at home


Having bugs at home is something that no one wants to go through. There are some a priori that are ...

como cuidar las toallas.jpg

How to take care of towels so that they survive beautiful longer


Buying towels is an art. What if the fabric, what if the weight, what if the color … SOS! And ...

electrodomesticos de juguete.jpg

3 toy kitchen appliances for children


Role-playing and simulation games are a perfect option to make a gift to the little ones and encourage their creativity, ...

smart mirrors for the home, what are they for

Smart mirrors for the home, what are they for?

terry johns

Do you know the  smart mirrors ? They sound like science fiction (and it is strange that at this point there is still ...

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