How does an anti-theft doormat work? Easymaxx has the answer

felpudo antirobos destacada.jpg
felpudo antirobos destacada.jpg

Among the most curious gadgets for the home that we have found lately, today we want to talk about this Anti-theft doormat by Easymaxx. It is a very cheap model with very useful functionality. Let’s get to know it in detail to see how it can help you keep the crooks well away from your door.

Technical characteristics of the Easymaxx anti-theft mat

An anti-theft doormat has precisely this objective: that they do not enter the house to steal. For this, it is equipped with sensors and alarms so that we know well when we have an unexpected visit and also to dissuade those who have arrived without being invited.

The alarm with pressure sensor it is placed under the doormat and is capable of emitting a soft chime sound when there is a visitor or a loud sound alarm when thieves come. This alarm can reach 105dB, so you will have no doubt that all the neighbors will find out and can help you. this alarm is compatible with all traditional mats. It has a size of 56 x 36 x 1.5cm and has a weight of 1kg. It works with batteries and its main material is plastic and PVC.

anti-theft doormat

Availability and price

If you liked this idea, you have it available at Lidl online storewith a price of €19.99now on sale, since its usual price is €29.99. A good snip that you can take advantage of now.

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