How many calories are burned doing housework

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Physical exercise is essential to maintain good health. It is not only a matter of aesthetics, the benefits on our health are incredible. That is why we will always recommend you to dedicate some time a day to go to the gym or have an active life. But even if you can’t go to the gym, you can also get active from home. Do you know how many calories are burned doing housework? Let’s tell you.

These are the calories that are burned with household chores

Do you have a garden at home? Fix the garden It is estimated that it consumes more than 250 calories per hour. The typical tasks of dusting, mopping the floor or vacuuming consume around 220 calories per hour. And the bathroom? Well, quite similar. Although it is one of the most complex and boring rooms in the house to clean, it is estimated that one hour of bathroom cleaning spends 260 calories per hour, is one of the most consumed… But also one of the most tedious. Cleaning the windows can also be complicated, because sometimes it is difficult for us to make them perfect despite the effort. this consumes 200 calories per hour.

We now go to the kitchen, another of the places that requires more effort and more laziness gives us to clean. Although it is essential, of course. In this case, if you want to take advantage of the time at home, leave the dishwasher off and scrub by hand, clean the tiles, the appliances… This will help you consume 350 calories. Similar to a simple routine in the gym.

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Surely from now on you will see more interesting that day of cleaning and housework. It’s not just a boring chore anymore, it will also help you stay fit and more active. Put desire, this is always the key for everything to go well.

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