How much does it cost for the Eroski supermarket to take your shopping home?

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Luckily, there is already a wide variety of online supermarkets to choose which one we want to bring our purchases home, either by proximity, because we like their products, by price… An issue that is important to know before deciding on one or the other is your shipping costs. For example, in this article we told you how much does it cost for Mercadona to take your shopping home. Now we talk about another option, the Eroski Supermarket, which has quite a few differences. We tell you.

This is what it costs to have your groceries delivered to your home at the Eroski Supermarket

eroski supermarket shipping costs

The truth is that, of the available options, the Eroski Supermarket is one of the most expensive in terms of shipping costs. And there is no base rate, but rather the cost depends on the day and time slot. At a minimum, the amount is €3.95. Of course, in all cases in which the order exceeds 140 euros and is paid with Eroski credit cards, it will be free.

This applies to home orders, but there is also the option of having them prepare it for you (with the consequent saving of time that you will have, since you will avoid filling the shopping cart yourself). These services are called Click & Drive, with collection free for orders over 30 euros if you go by car, or Click & Collect, also freethis time without a minimum purchase.

On their own website you can check if they deliver to your home, since, in the case of the Eroski Supermarket, its delivery area is somewhat more limited than in other supermarkets (such as Mercadona, Día or El Corte Inglés), so it is It is important that you verify it before wasting time filling your basket online.

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