How often should the air conditioner be cleaned?

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cada cuanto limpiar el aire acondicionado.jpg

In you cleaning Routine insurance that includes cleaning the dust, the bathroom, the kitchen and changing the sheets, among other domestic things that surely you do not want to remember now. But there are certain tasks that we are putting off, perhaps out of laziness or perhaps because we really don’t know how often to clean them and we leave them on the endless to-do list. If you ever wondered how often should the air conditioner be cleanedToday we are going to try to give you an answer to this question.

How often you have to clean the air conditioning

It must be borne in mind that an air conditioning unit from a company or commercial premises is not the same as that of a home. The use is not usually the same and neither is its size or frigories, so the care is usually different. But let’s focus this article on the example of a air conditioning for domestic use.

In this case, a distinction must be made between the outdoor unit and the indoor unit. If we get to clean the outdoor unit, it would be advisable to give it with a brush or an air compressor once a month, to remove leaves, dust and other dirt that can accumulate here. Refering to indoor unit, just a review every six months. Ideally, this cleaning should be done when we switch between hot and cold. In this unit, it is necessary to clean the grilles and filters well and disinfect it with a product indicated for it. This way we will avoid the formation of fungi, mites or bacteria that can be harmful to our health.

You must bear in mind that this is with a standard use, in case you have the air on all day you will have to increase the frequency of cleaning if you want to always have it in good condition.