How to choose the best mosquito nets for the summer?

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mosquiteras para el verano destacada.jpg

With the arrival of summer, the heat begins to attract mosquitoes and other pests. It is already difficult to withstand the high temperatures to also have to deal with these insects. The good news is that, unlike the heat, mosquitoes can be easily controlled by installing mosquito nets for the summer. However, as we see on sites like Hernandez blindsChoosing the right one can be difficult due to the great variety. That is why today we will help you clarify your ideas so that you know which are the best options that you can place in your home.

Knowing the mosquito nets for the summer

Probably the first thing that comes to mind when a mosquito net it is a non-aesthetic mesh fixed on a door or window. However, if you click here you will see there are many options that allow you to maintain a pleasant home. The problem arises in that, not all the time the one that looks best is the more suitable for our home.

Whether you seek roll-up mosquito nets or something more traditional, you must ensure that the options you see meet a single requirement: cover the entire area where insects enter.

The first step is to determine what type of covering you want. Mosquito nets can be opaque or transparent. Each excels in their own field.

An opaque option will do the job of a blind, being able to use it to block the entrance of light and control the air circulation. For its part, transparent It is a traditional alternative composed of an aluminum mesh that allows the passage of light and air, in addition to not limiting the visual.

You must also define the color you want to acquire. Like a ceramic, there are many options when it comes to designs for mosquito nets for the summer. You can even choose a pattern that resembles wood if the frame of your window or door is made of wood, creating a single piece visually.

Different types of mosquito nets

Finally, consider where in the house you are going to protect. It is best to place mosquito nets on all openings and entrances that are used constantly. In general, this means that some windows that we do not open will not need the mosquito net. In contrast, doors to dark rooms like basements or garages They should have mosquito nets even if they are indoors, as these insects are fans of dimly lit spaces.

Manufacturing a custom

With all of the above defined, you can begin your search. It is preferable that you start looking for an option prefabricated that adapts to the frames of your doors and windows. These are cheaper and exist in great variety on the market.

However, you may not find what you need as each frame is different. If this is your case, then you will have to order one custom.

Mosquito nets for summer - Installation

Before you have your mosquito net made for the summer, you must be sure that it works for the area you want. On WindowsYou can easily install fixed, folding, roller and sliding mosquito nets (the latter only if the window is also sliding). In the case of doors, all the previously mentioned options are suitable, in addition to the curtain and pleated mosquito nets.

Control the environment and pests

Invest in a mosquito net for the summer it is more important than people think, especially in rural homes or surrounded by abundant vegetation. It is an economical purchase that will allow you to air-condition the spaces and protect you and your loved ones from diseases transmitted by the mosquito.

Remember that, beyond aesthetic issues, no bad options when installing mosquito nets. As long as you choose the right one for each area, you are guaranteed a durable and efficient product.