How to clean a burnt pot: the best solutions

how to clean a burnt pot the best solutions
how to clean a burnt pot the best solutions

It has happened to all of us at some point, so on this side you can rest easy. It is common, especially if we do not have much experience in the kitchen or if the food itself is somewhat delicate, that we can end up with a  burnt pan or pot . If that has happened to you, with this article we want to help you know what is the best thing you can do to eliminate the burnt remains and make your pot look like the first day again… Or almost.

How to clean a burnt stainless steel pot

The dishwasher can be a good ally, but there are certain things it can’t fight with. It removes food remains very well, but when we talk about cleaning a burnt pot, the task can be difficult. In any case, we always recommend that you follow these manual cleaning steps first in  order to solve it as quickly as possible. The more time passes, the more complicated it can be to remove these remains.

Add  warm water with a good splash of vinegar in your pot. Covering about a quarter of the pot should be enough. Let it rest for a few minutes so that the dirt dissolves, without rubbing. Now, turn on the ceramic hob and put the water on to heat. Keep an eye on it because, being a small amount of water, it will heat up very quickly and we don’t want it to burn again, so we don’t want it to boil either. What we are looking for with this step is that the water maintains the heat and helps soften the dirt.

clean a pot

Once this is done, remove the pot from the heat again and empty the water. Rinse it with new water and rub a little with the scourer or with the nanny. Keep in mind that if you are using a Teflon-coated pan instead of a stainless steel pot, you won’t be able to use the hard part of the scourer or the nanas, as you would damage the non-stick coating.

Ready! Now go back to washing your pot as usual, either by hand or in the dishwasher, and the burnt part should be gone. If you are interested in these tricks, here we tell you how to clean the iron.