How to clean a washing machine that smells bad

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Contrary to what may be thought, a washing machine doesn’t wash itself when you wash clothes, that must be done by its owner. Once the washing cycle is finished, the washing machine remains wet, the perfect setting for the proliferation of mold, bacteria and germs, that is the reason why it deserves special attention, since it can lead to bad odors, With that said, today we will talk about the recommendations for proper care of this appliance. Before starting, obviously we will need one or another cleaning product, which we can purchase in this online store, which offers washing machine cleaning products at a good price that will come in handy to clean a washing machine that smells bad.

How to clean a washing machine that smells bad and not die trying

It is advisable clean your washing machine at least once every three months, it should be a thorough cleaning, especially inside and do it with a good product of your choice, even vinegar can be a homemade alternative. Doing a preventive cleaning is always the best solution against bad odors, but if they are already there, then it is time to get down to work with more exhaustive methods.

The rubber of the washing machine is a common place for the accumulation of dirt and the inevitable bacteriaThere you have to do a thorough disinfection job, a damp cloth preferably in hot water and the commercial product (or simply vinegar) are our best allies. We rub for several minutes and goodbye to germs, mold and how much dirt has lodged in it, after this we wipe it with a clean and dry cloth and that’s it.

The same procedure must be repeated on the detergent containers and on the filter., previously unplugged from the washing machine to avoid risks, so you will get rid of hair, lint, threads and any rest of any garment. It is prudent to use an old towel or cloth to collect any water that may fall on the floor. The filter can be left for a while soaking either in the product or in vinegar water for a better effect, without forgetting to dry everything once the cleaning is finished. The same applies to the detergent and fabric softener buckets.

Once these parts have been disinfected and dried, it is the drum’s turn; here it is recommended to run a short cycle in the washing machine with the product or simply once more with water and vinegar in the buckets, the hot water of course, once the cycle is finished, your appliance will surely be free of impurities.

Prevention is better than regret

As we mentioned earlier, the bad smell in the washing machine can be avoided by following some tips. One of it is never completely fill the washing machineThere, you must be attentive to the instructions that come with the manual, there are levels that must be respected. Also remember to ventilate your appliance with the doors open after each wash, this will help you with odors and excess humidity.

The deodorant for washing machines is a great ally when it comes to cleaning washing machines with bad smells

The deodorant for washing machines is a great ally when it comes to cleaning washing machines with bad smells

Additionally, here you can know how to prevent mold from growing in the washing machine.

As a complement to the care of your washing machine, we can add that before washing the clothes, check the pockets and the possible accessories they have very well, this will avoid jamming problems and bad times. Following all these recommendations and with a proper use of your detergent avoiding excesses, you will surely have a more hygienic washing machine with a longer useful life.