How to clean the egg stains on the facade after Halloween night

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limpiar las manchas de huevo.jpg

Tonight is Halloween Night . A moment of the year that has more and more prominence in our country. It is a night to have fun, but some forget that to have fun it is not necessary to harm others. For this reason, it is not uncommon to see groups of people throwing eggs at the windows, the most uncivil version of this party. Do you want to know  how to clean the egg stains on the facade ? We will tell you.

Simple tricks to clean egg stains on the facade

If you are “lucky” and the egg has only stained the windows, the cleaning process is easier. You will only have to remove the thickest remains with a kitchen paper and then clean well with a KH7 type grease remover. When you have done it, clean the windows in the usual way, with your trusted glass cleaner.

In case you need to clean the egg stains on the facade, it depends a bit on the material with which it is made. A stone facade is not the same as brick, concrete, ceramic … In general, what works best is, after removing the most visible remains “by hand”, cleaning it carefully with high-pressure water . If there is still a fence, you can give it with a little vinegar diluted in water . If the egg is fresh, it should be enough to hit it with a cloth. But if it has already penetrated the pores of your facade, try applying this cleaner with a large bristle brush for a more thorough cleaning.

clean egg stains

And if you have fallen into the blinds, in this article I will tell you  how to clean the blinds in your home. Always remember to remove larger stains or food debris before proceeding to add any cleaner or wipe or brush.