How to clean the washing machine filter quickly and easily

how to clean the washing machine filter quickly and easily
how to clean the washing machine filter quickly and easily

Proper maintenance and cleaning of our appliances is crucial to maximizing their useful life. For this reason, today we are going to tell you  how to clean the washing machine filter , a fundamental part that prevents blockages and makes the clothes come out better.

So you can clean the washing machine filter

How often you should clean your washing machine filter depends on how many washes you do weekly. As a general average, we are going to take four washes per week as a common frequency. In this case, the first step is that once a week you take out the filter and shake it and once a month you pass it under water. In addition, it is also interesting that you clean the rubber seal after each wash (especially if it is a washer-dryer) and that twice a year you put a wash at 60 degrees, without detergent or clothes, so that the washing machine cleans itself and thus remove traces of water and impurities.

But, specifically, to clean the filter we recommend you follow these steps:

  • Remove the filter from the washing machine: Locate where it is, it is usually in the lower right part, hidden by a cover. Unscrew it by hand or with a coin, putting a towel under it, as water may come out.
  • Remove visible debris with your hand: There may be large pieces of lint, coins or other small objects that may have been left in the pockets. Anything you can remove by hand, the better.
  • Put the faucet under water:  Get it wet so that the water takes away the rest of the dirt, but also hit it with a toothbrush to help the smaller particles come off as well.

You can do this process once a month. It will take just five minutes. And if you want more tips, here we tell you  how to remove the bad smell from the washing machine .