How to control my blind with my mobile?


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The concept of the smart home is more alive than ever and there are more and more devices and accessories present in the decoration that can be controlled from any modern mobile. For example, the windows you can raise and lower your shades in a custom fashion through the use of a blind.

For those who are not aware of what a blind is, it is a type of fine curtain that unfolds vertically and that over the years has begun to offer motors for blinds that avoid that it is the same person who has to use a chain or a pulley mechanism to raise or lower it. Now, the most recent models have “smart” functionality for control from the Smartphone.

Choose the correct blind for your room

Motorized Phone Blind

The new blinds include Wi-Fi connectivity

The idea of ​​motorized blinds is not exactly new, since they are marketed as a small motor that is installed inside the tube that holds the blind fabric. Once they are connected to the mains, it can go up or down automatically using a remote control, but today it is also viable to do it from the screen of a terminal with Android and iOS.

Logically, it is necessary to have an internet connection and a specific application on the phone that is compatible with the corresponding blind remotely. While some use Bluetooth connections to sync, it is advisable to bet on models that are based on Wi-Fias this extends its usefulness even if you are in another room or possibly outside the home.

It is important that you take into account that the signal from your modem or router can correctly reach the window where you plan to install it to avoid disconnection problems in the future. Thusyou will be able to program them to open and close automatically at specific times of the dayas well as give the feeling that someone is home if you want to prevent someone from entering your house when you are traveling.

Through stores like You can choose between multiple options for sale that suit your economic possibilities while being imperceptible to give priority to the general design of your windows. Most of them usually have proprietary applications for mobile devices, which allow you to control only your products and logically include step-by-step instructions in your purchase manual.

In addition, companies like Google and Amazon have set their own IoT standard that allows you to control multiple smart devices, both self-developed and external brands, from a single App. Make sure the blind is compatible with them and their control will be even easier by Be recognized within the Amazon Echo and Google Home apps.

And you, have you tried turning your curtains into an intelligent component through a new generation blind?