How to decorate the bedroom with designer wallpapers

como decorar el dormitorio con papeles pintados de diseno.jpg
como decorar el dormitorio con papeles pintados de diseno.jpg

As we have mentioned on other occasions, wallpaper can make a huge difference when it comes to decorating or renovating your home, especially when it comes to designer wallpapers, as they add an extra layer to the finish. With that said, one of the most important places in the home is, without a doubt, the bedroom, which in turn represents an excellent opportunity to decorate yourself with beautiful wallpapers design that give a unique vibe to that special place.

Next, we will address this last idea, so we will be giving you tips on how to decorate the bedroom using wallpaper for the wall.

What must be taken into account when decorating with wallpaper?

When you intend to decorate a room with wallpaper, there are many factors to take into account, taking a reasonable time to make the choice, thus avoiding falling into precipitation, is the best recommendation. A room is many things, it is a place of rest, privacy, reflection, that is why any effort to make that room a cozy space will never be a badly invested effort.

Now, returning to the subject, perhaps the first aspect that must be assessed is that a room is the reflection of the person who inhabits itThe same applies to the role, the one chosen must be in line with the tastes and inclinations of it.

Another element to take into consideration is that the variety of wallpaper is almost endless, which is still an advantage and a disadvantage at the same time, on the one hand, there is enough to choose from, on the other, that makes it difficult to make the final decision.

There are many styles of designer wallpapers

Let’s start with the motif or wallpaper style, it can be artistic, landscape, bohemian, period, historical or musical if you prefer, the possibilities are many. When it comes to patterns, there is no shortage of options either, they can go for something discreet, eccentric, romantic or simply something classic. The theme of a movie, a famous singer, the landscape of your dreams, or even a video game are examples that summarize that variety is not a story.

Design wallpapers

Woodstock vibe style is very eye-catching

We can’t forget the color issue, because these make the spaces bigger or smaller and it is a point in which we do not want to make a mistake. In this section, you should know that pastel and neutral colors are examples of a modern and contemporary decoration, while white, black and gray stand out for their elegance.

Sometimes a simple color can make a world of difference

Sometimes a simple color can make a world of difference

Continuing with the colors, you can also choose the primary ones, an excellent choice if you want to stimulate the senses or be minimalist. On your side, metallic ones are another storyThese represent the glamor, the exotic, the extravagant and eye-catching, certainly an alternative for those less conservative in a good way.

metallic designer wallpapers

We can’t ignore natural colors, those that transport us to nature, here the wood color is included, a color that is so many things at once, it can seem warm and sober, and if we risk a little, even warm and cold at the same time.

Other considerations

There is another element to take into account when making a final choice to decorate with wallpaper, in fact, it is one of the most worrying, the removal of the paper once it has completed its useful life for whatever reasons. At this point it is good to know that those painted with the base layer of non-woven fabric (TNT) are easy to install and remove, since the adhesive paste is applied directly to the wall and the strips are placed immediately without waiting to be soaked, since they are cut to dry.

Another advantage of the non-woven fabric layer is found in those that are made of textile fibers and cellulose, as they are special to hide those flaws or irregularities that the wall may have.

Other considerations about designer wallpapers

All that said, ultimately it is you, the reader, who has the final word on the kind of wallpaper that suits you best, but it never hurts. explore the myriad ideas on the internet to renovate your bedroom using designer wallpapers.