How to take care of towels so that they survive beautiful longer

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Buying towels is an art. What if the fabric, what if the weight, what if the color … SOS! And the worst comes when, after several washes, we find that those towels that we almost just used to wear no longer look like they used to. You feel identified? Today we tell you how your washing machine can help you take care of your towels so that they are perfect for much longer.

Take note of these advice And don’t throw away the towels ahead of time – maximize their life as much as you can.

The golden tips that will help you take care of towels as they deserve

First of all, there is something very important that you should not forget. The towel quality What you buy is going to influence its durability more than you think. In this case, there is no doubt and although we are not telling you to waste, you should try to find the best value for money, since a difference of just 5 or 10 euros in a towel can make the second wash already be stiff or as the years go by and continue (almost) like new.

That said, keep in mind that you have to take care of them and for this it is best that you organize yourself to wash them one day a week. This is the best frequency to take care of your towels.

And speaking of washing machine, here comes the ultimate trick: use little detergent, cold water and a suitable program. Combining these three elements you will have towels for a while. What’s more, if you have a dryer, better, because the heat makes them stay fluffy longer. If you do not have, nothing happens, you can dry them by hanging them, but you must take care don’t let the sun give them and that, if possible, do not put a clamp on them so as not to leave them marked.

Long live your towels!