How to unclog the pipes with these very simple home remedies

how to unclog the pipes with these very simple home remedies
how to unclog the pipes with these very simple home remedies

One of the biggest headaches that can arise when we face home issues is that the pipes get clogged. It is true that the type of use you give it has a great influence (for example, if you tend to throw food scraps, if you do not clean the hair that falls in the shower…), but on many occasions they simply get stuck over time and It is important to be vigilant so that the problem does not go further. Today we give you some  tricks to unclog the pipes with these home remedies in which prevention is better than cure.

Tricks to unclog the pipes

As the remedies that we are going to tell you about are harmless and are made with homemade ingredients, we recommend that you do them periodically, even if there are no blockages. That is, it is convenient to do them every so often (for example, two or three times a year) to keep the pipes in good condition.

The first trick to unclog the pipes that we recommend is to  add a splash of bleach in half a liter of hot water . Pour it down the pipes (bathroom sink, kitchen sink, and shower drain). The water has the ability to unclog, while the bleach will help disinfect and remove bad odors.

If bleach is too aggressive for you, you can also use  half a liter of vinegar with two tablespoons of baking soda . Stir well and pour it through the same places. Vinegar tricks are very common and effective.

In either case, wait around ten minutes for it to take effect and then run fresh water to remove the rest of the product.

unclog the pipes

If none of this works for you and you already notice a blockage, you can use a  hand dredge tool .

And you, what tricks do you follow to prevent the pipes from getting clogged? You can share them with us in the comments.