Huawei Scale 3 Pro, the most advanced scale at the best price


huawei scale 3 pro 2.jpg

One of the most interesting products in the Huawei catalog is its scales. Although they have gone quite unnoticed, the truth is that they offer us a very complete measurement, an app that works very well and a price that is not unreasonable. Today we talk about its most advanced model, the Huawei Scale 3 Prowhich you now have on offer at the Huawei Store and physical stores.

Technical characteristics of the Huawei Scale 3 Pro

This Huawei Scale 3 Pro is a body measurement scale. It includes a base, on which we will have to climb so that it can measure and a bar that we will take with our hands and we will raise up to the chest so that it can make more exact measurements.

Huawei Scale 3 Pro

It comes equipped with various electrodes and resistance gauge pressure sensor so that we can measure the level of fat, water, muscle or bone weight, among others. has a led screen integrated into the scale itself, so that we can quickly see our weight. However, the rest of the data will be stored in the Huawei Health app, where we can keep an exhaustive record of each day that we weigh ourselves. To connect it, it has connectivity Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

The weight of this device is 2.25kg and has a battery life of one year (we count on us to weigh ourselves once a day). It’s compatible with EMUI 8.1 and later, Android 6.0 and later, and iOS 9.0 and later.

Availability and price

Its official price is 99 euro, but, as we told you, now we can find it with a very interesting offer. You can take it home for just 69 euro. You can buy it at the online store Huawei Store. And if you are caught by a physical store near your home, you will also see this offer there.

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