Hygiene Shield Washer Dryer Promises to Eliminate Coronavirus

lavasecadora beko hygieneshield.jpg
lavasecadora beko hygieneshield.jpg

Beko has just presented her Hygiene Shield washer-dryer, an appliance that promises to end the coronavirus thanks to an extra circulation of hot air. This washer and dryer is part of the range that bears the same name and includes other products with the same purpose: to kill the bug thanks to heat, steam or ultraviolet light.

How is the Beko Hygiene Shield washer-dryer

The pandemic has made us worry even more about cleanliness at home. We understand that the lack of hygiene or not properly disinfecting our environment can lead to health problems, therefore, the arrival of certain household appliances, such as this HygieneShield washer-dryer makes the task easier and gives us an extra security.

This model of washing machine promises to end more than 99% bacteria and viruses thanks to its heat circulation, among them, the coronavirus. We are specifically talking about the model HTV 8736 XSHTR washer-dryer, which is part of the HygieneShield family. Among its novelties, it includes a Hygiene Theraphy cooling program with one hour duration that acts directly on the disinfection of clothes through a balance of heat and ventilation. This smart program can keep the wash at 60ºC for 30 minutes (2 kg of laundry) without using water or detergent, thus minimizing damage to the garments.

In addition, it has a power of 1,400 rpm and a capacity for 8 kg in wash and to 5 kg dry. It also uses Steamcure technology, the Wash & Wear program (which allows you to wash and dry 1 kg of clothes in just 1 hour) or the DrumClean + program, to disinfect the drum and eliminate bad odors, among others.

Likewise, connectivity is an important part of this washing machine and it comes with Bluetooth so that we can download new washing and drying programs from the mobile.