IKEA Dirigera Hub, this is the new control center for your Smart Home

ikea dirigera.jpg
ikea dirigera.jpg

Ikea It is putting the batteries and not only shows us furniture or tableware at a ridiculous price in its catalog. Now, more and more is betting on devices to improve our Smart Home and give us the opportunity to enjoy our connected home. The next big thing will be this IKEA Direct Huba new control center from which you can manage everything.

Technical characteristics of the IKEA Dirigera Hub

This IKEA Dirigera Hub is, as its name suggests, a hub, that is, a control center for our home. From it we can have access to the monitoring and control of our devices. It has dimensions of 11.2cm in diameter and 2.7cm High. As physical connections we find a port USB-C and a port Ethernetwhile on the wireless side we have Wi-Fi 2.4GHz and 5GHz. In addition, it will also support protocols such as Matter, Zigbee or Thread.

If you are one of those who like to use voice assistants, we will have integration with Alexa, Apple Home and Google Home.

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Availability and price

If you want to buy a new hub for your Smart Home, this model suggests that it will sneak among the novelties of Ikea in autumn. At the moment, in southern Europe we have no official news about it, but we have seen it in the Norwegian store, so we hope that it will also appear in our stores very soon. Regarding its price, although it is somewhat more expensive than other similar models of the company, it must also be recognized that it is more advanced, so we have a justified price increase with us. In this Norwegian store it has appeared before the public with a price of 69 eurosso we expect that in Spain it will have a similar price.

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