Ikea Kreativ, the tool that now allows you to erase furniture

balay 3vs6030ba, modern white dishwasher
balay 3vs6030ba, modern white dishwasher

One of the advantages of buying at Ikea, apart from its price, is that it has  design tools that allow us to get a pretty good idea of ​​how our wardrobe, our kitchen or our living room will look like. Precisely today we are talking about the  Ikea Kreativ tool , which allows, through its  scene scanner , to delete furniture from our room to see how the result would look with the products in its catalog.

Ikea Kreativ for iOS, the new essential tool to furnish your home

Ikea Kreativ for iOS offers a room scanner so that we can use our rooms, as we have them, to see how Ikea furniture would look in it. Now, it doesn’t have to be empty, but we can  virtually empty it , that is, erase the furniture we already have, to see how the room would look with the products from the Ikea catalog that we like the most. The result is shown in  2D , so we will not be able to move with Augmented Reality. If this is important to you, then you will have to use another app,  Ikea Place .


Continuing with Ikea Kreativ, for now it only works  on iOS or in the web version for desktop . Of course, as a novelty the company points out that it will not be necessary to have an iPhone with a LiDAR sensor, so its use will be more widespread and it will be easier to take advantage of this useful tool. The bad new? For now it is only available in the United States , although it is expected that it will soon reach other markets and that its compatibility with Android devices will also open.

And if you don’t want to scan your own room, for whatever reason, you can choose from the  50 virtual rooms that are preconfigured in the app.

For example, you will be able to test how the new finishes and colors of the Billy look .

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