Ikea stops selling in Russia, both in physical stores and online

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ikea rusia.jpg

a few months ago Ikea announced that it would stop selling in its physical stores in Russiabut kept selling through the internet. Now, the Swedish giant has declared that also cease online sales and permanently leaves the country. All orders already placed will be processed normally.

What will happen to Ikea orders in Russia

From the August 15th, Ikea has announced that it will stop processing orders placed through the internet in the Russian market. A few months ago, specifically it was in March 2022, when the company decided to paralyze its operations in said territory, due to the war. Now, almost six months later, it also stops serving online.

The multinational has clarified that the stores will continue to be closed to the public and will only be in operation to manage changes, returns and issue orders that, until August 15, are made online.

Ikea has guaranteed that “all orders placed before the end of the online sale will be processed, issued or delivered during the months of August and September at the time agreed when placing it”for the peace of mind of buyers who have placed an order before the date mentioned.

ikea closure russia

It is not the only company that leaves

Although we have focused this article on Ikea, since it is one of the most popular companies worldwide in terms of home, the decision to leave the country has not only been a matter of the Swedes. Other big firms from the world of fashion and sports, such as H&M or Nike, have also warned of its closure in Russia. A list that never stops growing.

This situation It will not affect Spain, where you can continue shopping in Ikea’s physical and online stores as normal.

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