Infiniton Chef 365, an economical and practical kitchen robot

Infiniton Chef 365 Cabecera.jpg
Infiniton Chef 365 Cabecera.jpg

The Infiniton Chef 365 o Infiniton Chef365 is a kitchen robot characterized by its good value for money and its features. With this robot from Infinition you can cook effortlessly and saving a lot of time.

What is the Infiniton Chef 365?

There are many appliances that are making a hole in our lives to facilitate our day to day. In addition to common household appliances for cleaning, kitchen appliances are also becoming increasingly popular, especially kitchen machines. These robots, like the Infiniton Chef365, which we will talk about below, help us not only to prepare different recipes with little effort, but also to save time, since they will allow you not to clean after cooking.

With this kitchen robot, for example, you can enjoy all the advantages of cooking in one machine, since it brings several accessories that will allow you to carry out different recipes, both hot and cold. In addition, thanks to its size, it is an appliance that comes in handy for small kitchens. Among its functions, you can crush, whisk, knead, cook … Thanks to the fact that in it you can add the quantities for the recipes with exactitude and choose the function on your screen with display LED that it is really simple to use, cooking will be very simple. It also has a total of 12 cutting speeds and, in this way, make smoothies, shakes, chopping different foods and ice, etc., it will be very simple.

Among other interesting features, we can also anticipate that it has a 90 minute timer so you can prepare any type of recipe and its 2-liter stainless steel jug will not set limits for cooking. What’s more, you can cook from 20º to 120º for his 1500 W power. And the best thing is that it includes an instruction manual with a small recipe book that is updated periodically on the brand’s website.

As we have anticipated, it has a powerful engine that allows you to prepare different types of recipes without complications, plus it is very easy to handle. Likewise, with the accessories that the Infiniton Chef 365 brings you will be able to innovate in the kitchen without problem and eat healthy. It stands out, above all, for its price, which is more affordable than many of the robots of this type on the market. With its 1500 power it can chop everything without problems, even ice thanks to its turbo function.

And as we have advanced, it will be very easy for us to cook because your jug ​​has a 2 liter capacity that, although when preparing food is a little less, it still allows us to cook with enough freedom. Anyway, we can amplify this capacity using other accessories that come with it, such as the two-level steamer that will allow us to cook two foods at the same time. As for how it works, it has steel blades that, thanks to their material and power, as we have already mentioned, can chop all kinds of food, including ice. Besides, as it is capable of cooking with temperatures ranging from 20 degrees to 120 degrees, we can prepare both dishes at low temperatures and even under vacuum. All this with the choice of 12 speeds.

But that’s not all, your dashboard LCD electronic control, although not touch, it has a selection wheel and four buttons that allow us to select its different functions: the smoothie to make shakes, the blender to mix, the dough mixer and the steam cooking, along with a turbo button to use its power to the maximum. In this LCD screen we can see the selected speed, temperature and cooking time. Thanks to these three variables We will be able to prepare all kinds of recipes, since we will only have to learn to combine them so that we obtain the expected results. In this way, cooking will not involve any effort.

Infiniton Chef 365

And now if you look at the accessories that the Infiniton Chef 365 brings, we see that it brings different types to carry out its different functions. The best of all is that are included in their entirety and we will not have to purchase them separately as it happens with other robots on the market, even higher priced. Regardless of whether you use one or the other, with these accessories you can prepare different types of recipes with different cooking modes. The normal thing will be that you use the blades, the stirrer shovel and the butterfly, since they are the most common accessories to prepare dishes. But, let’s not forget that it also has a cooking basket and double trays with a lid included for steaming, so there is no excuse for eat healthy.

In fact, steaming is very easy and will save you a lot of time, because we can do it in two different levels. For example, we can put the main product on the lower tray, such as a fish, and the garnish, the vegetables in this case, on the upper one. Thus, we will not only eat healthy, but we will save time and space, not to mention the amount of dishes that we we will save cleaning.

Finally, remember that it brings a cookbook that is updated periodically on its website, in addition to an instruction manual that will be very useful to understand the operation of the robot. Both, in fact, can be downloaded for free from their page.

Infiniton Chef365 Features

Infiniton Chef365
Total power 1500W
Total jug capacity 3 liters
Usable jug capacity 2 liters
Speeds 12
Temperature range (ºC) 20 – 120
Display LED
Control 12 speed variable
Functions: Smoothie
Steam cooking
Ice pick + TURBO
Timer up to 90 minutes
It includes instruction manual and recipe book
Accessories: Steamer
Metal strainer
Kneader blade
Stainless steel blade
Blade cover
Product dimensions (without steamer) 40 x 31 x 31 cm

Infiniton Chef 365 reviews

The Infiniton Chef 365 stands out for its good value for money. It’s a powerful food processor that offers good cooking results, even if you have to learn to combine the few functions that it brings.

Availability and price

Another robot of this type that you can see is the Cecotec Mambo 7090.

  • There is a good quality price relation.
  • Temperature range between 20 and 120º.
  • Powerful.

  • Few functions.

Total score