Infiniton FG-221X, we talk about a very economical refrigerator

infiniton fg 221x cabecera.jpg
infiniton fg 221x cabecera.jpg

If you are looking for a simple, uncomplicated, cheap refrigerator that meets what you expect from it, today we are talking about the Infiniton FG-221X. This Infiniton cyclical fridge freezer will help you preserve your food without breaking the bank.

How is the Infiniton FG-221X

The Infiniton FG-221X is a combi refrigerator with cyclical cooling system that has been designed in Spain and offers an elegant and minimalist appearance. It comes with chrome finishes and glass trays inside, so this is a sturdy and durable refrigerator that features 204 liters of capacity, divided into 37 liters for the freezer and 167 for the refrigerator.

Durable exterior and interior design

The Infiniton FG-221X is designed in stainless steel, making it strong and durable. Plus, it comes with a special anti-fingerprint finish that ensures that it does not remain marked, so you will not have to worry about cleaning it every day and it will always look like new. Perfect interior design

Inside, we see that it comes with everything we need that we would expect to have in a refrigerator, such as the door balconies for drinks, either from bricks or bottles. These balconies are high so you can easily organize them, no matter the size of the container.

Also has different shelves inside and a big drawer so you can order the interior to your liking and without any complications, making the most of the space. All this illuminated by LED light, which is more efficient, clear and homogeneous and allows you to see clearly everything you have stored.

Good food preservation

The Infiniton FG-221X is a cyclical refrigerator, that is, the cold is distributed evenly throughout the interior and goes from compartment to compartment, regardless of outside temperature conditions. In this way, it cools in a way less aggressive to food and keep them for a longer time.

In fact, it has a large drawer specially designed for vegetables, as it will keep them in ideal temperature and humidity conditions so that they last longer fresh and their texture holds up better.

Infiniton FG-221X

Infiniton FG-221X Features

Infiniton FG-221X
Type of device Two-door refrigerator
Type of construction Independent
Cold System Cyclic
Total net capacity 204 l
Freezer compartment position Higher
No frost No
Doors 2
Interior lighting Yes
Energy consumption 215 kWh
Measurements (W x H x D) 54.5 cm x 142.3 cm x 52.5 cm
Color (by manufacturer) Inox
Refrigerating capacity 167 l
Freezer capacity 37 l
Noise level 41 dB
EU Energy Efficiency Scale A to G
Energy efficiency class (EU 2017/1369) F

Opinions from the Infiniton FG-221X

We are facing a cheap refrigerator, taking into account that it is not a device aimed at families. This is because it offers little storage space, although its interior is very well organized. It has a good minimalist aesthetic, Although it is very simple, its cyclical cold system makes you have to defrost it manually and has low energy efficiency class. Of course, it must be borne in mind that it can be purchased for less than 300 euros.

Infiniton FG-221X

Infiniton FG-221X availability and price

If you want to see a refrigerator of this brand more modern and with glass aesthetics, here we leave you the Infiniton FGC-858GW.

  • Economic.
  • Well organized interior.
  • Elegant exterior aesthetics.

  • It must be defrosted manually.
  • Low energy efficiency class.
  • Low capacity.

Total score