Is it worth buying a nebulizer for the terrace at home?


We have seen them in bars and terraces and it is not strange that we have fallen in love with them. A nebulizer It is one of the best ways to cool off in summer, in a subtle way, without getting wet (too much) and keeping it cool for a long time. But, did you know that you can also buy them for your home? If you have a terrace or garden, even for your balcony, take note of this idea that will keep you cool this summer for very little money.

How to use a nebulizer on the terrace or in the home garden

A nebulizer is a tube circuit with nozzles that mist water, that is, they release sprinkler-type water droplets, in the right proportion so that it refreshes you a lot, but you do not feel wet. At home we do not need it to have a great power, so its operation is very simple. You can buy a low pressure model, connect it to a tap and ready.

But these gadgets aren’t just for a quick refreshment on hot summer nights. You can also use them to water your plants (those that do not need a lot of water) or simply to keep the environment cool and purify the air.

Keep in mind that there are different types of nebulizers, and their main difference usually lies in the number of nozzles it brings and the length of the tube. For example, the cheapest that we have seen measure just 8 meters and have 6 nozzles, for a price around 10 euros. This is a good proposal for a home in which one or two people live at most and with a tiny outdoor space.

If you want to go to a more top range, we can also recommend this other model, from the same brand but with 20 meters and 24 nozzles.

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