JIMMY BX7 Pro, remove mites from your mattresses

jimmy bx7 pro, remove mites from your mattresses
jimmy bx7 pro, remove mites from your mattresses

Cleaning furniture and the mattress can sometimes be a hassle, until you meet the JIMMY BX7 Pro vacuum cleaner. This JIMMY handheld vacuum cleaner has so much power that it is able to help you clean dust and mites from beds and furniture with great care. ease and great results. It is a brush, in turn, very complete and ergonomic, prepared so that you can use it easily.

This is the JIMMY BX7 Pro

Keeping the surfaces we come into contact with clean is essential to good health. Although it may not seem like it, dust mites and other substances can lead to allergies and skin and respiratory problems, so if we live with allergic people or we are, it is essential to reflect on this and look for vacuum cleaners that can help us, such as the JIMMY BX7 Pro.

However, vacuuming furniture and mattresses can be a hassle, so you need handheld vacuum cleaners that are not only ergonomic, but also not too heavy and, above all, powerful in order to guarantee deep and quality cleaning.

In the market, therefore, we can find different models of this type of appliance. Some of them are part of a larger vacuum cleaner, which can be a broom, and can be separated from the main body to be used as a hand tool for cleaning.

In this case, it is not that they are less efficient than when they are part of the complete body of the vacuum cleaner, but they are not vacuum cleaners that are 100% focused on using surfaces such as furniture and mattresses, so it is more convenient to opt, if you can be, for a model of handheld vacuum cleaner for these tasks.

In this way, we will enjoy features more designed for cleaning this type of area that, many times, have corners or recesses that are more difficult than special. Although in this case do not worry, because the vacuum cleaner that we are going to talk about is quite complete and offers you very interesting features.


Powerful and with a good brush

The JIMMY BX7 Pro is a handheld vacuum cleaner that boasts a powerful 700 W high-pressure motor. With this new generation of motor, which has been improved, we will enjoy more intense suction power, but , in turn, less noise and energy savings that do not offset its efficiency in any way.

It comes with a 245mm wide suction port that helps it to suck up everything in its path and allows you to, for example, clean the mattress in just a few minutes. In addition, it has a patented compound roller brush with a soft rubber strip whose roller motor is independent. This will make it very easy to pick up fine dust and will also trap dust mites that are deep in the mattress without damaging it.

Smart vacuum cleaner that detects dust

Another advantage that the JIMMY BX7 Pro has and that will surely catch your attention is its intelligent dust/mite sensor. This type of sensor allows you to collect dust more efficiently by intelligently recognizing it by tapping quickly and hard. Once it does, it calculates the dust mites in the environment with great precision, so it knows when we’ve done a deep clean.

In addition to this, we cannot forget its double cyclone filtration system, which is also patented and serves to separate dust and dust mites from the air. Thus, the dust cup does not clog as much and the suction of the vacuum cleaner always remains constant. With this we will clean with the same power always, from the beginning, to the end of the work.


innovative cleaning

To all these cleaning features we must add other innovative ones that will allow to eliminate all the dirt without problems. The JIMMY BX7 Pro has a 60° heating mode in just 5 seconds , which penetrates the bed and mattress quickly, killing mites and bacteria it finds with great efficiency.

And, as if this were not enough, it also comes with ultrasound technology that allows it to destroy the nerves of the mites and also prevent their growth to eliminate them effectively for a long time. Therefore, it is a great vacuum cleaner for rest areas of those who are more vulnerable to allergies, for example, babies.

In addition, this vacuum cleaner releases an ultraviolet (UV) wavelength that kills 99.99% of bacteria and mites, thus always guaranteeing an effective and complete cleaning, which is after all what we are looking for when we We opted for an appliance of this style. With 3 different modes of use, it will always satisfy your cleaning needs, with the guarantee that it will not damage fabrics or clothes. You will be able to use suction + UV, suction + faucet and a combination of the three technologies.


Features of the JIMMY BX7 Pro

Brand: JIMMY
Guy: dust mite vacuum cleaner
Model: BX7Pro
Color blue
Power: 700W
Nominal voltage: 220-240V
Suction inlet: 245mm
Filter: MIF
Dust cup capacity: 0.5L
Led screen: YES
dust sensor: YES
Uv lamp: YES
Hot wind temperature: 60 Celsius
Ultrasound: YES
Mode: 3
Power cord length: 5m
Product Weight: 2.7kg
Package Weight: 3.4kg
Package Size (L x W x H): 33×24.5×41.2cm
Package content 1 Jimmy BX7 Pro anti-mite vacuum cleaner.
1 x User Manual

JIMMY BX7 Pro Reviews

This handheld vacuum cleaner is very good value for money. It stands out for its different technologies for the elimination and cleaning of dust mites, as well as for its ergonomic and light design. It is very easy to use and very complete, so its biggest negative points are that, to acquire it, you have to do it online and it is not wireless.


  • Good value for money.
  • Different cleaning technologies.
  • Easy to use.
  • Good results.
  • It is not wireless.
  • You have to buy it online.