Kave Home has chosen Vackart as the exclusive distributor of the Spanish brand

kave home composicion.jpg
kave home composicion.jpg

New stage for Kave Home. The furniture and decoration brand with More than 35 years of experience has chosen Vackart as the exclusive distributor of its products. The brand’s catalog is made up of designs where attention to detail and the latest fashion trends merge to give rise to unique, quality pieces with which to create a HOME, in capital letters.

40 new pieces every week

Kave is a brand that relies on its extensive experience and its pieces with character, personality and style to win over the public. A curiosity to highlight about the brand is that every week updates its catalog with more than 40 new pieces. They use quality and cutting-edge materials, such as natural fiber, ceramic, marble, wood, natural rattan and many more. In its catalog you can see different styles of decoration, from Nordic to rustic and many more.

About Kave Home and Vackart

The history of Kave Home begins in 1982, when its founder began to work in the sector as a furniture representative. Julià Group was born in 1984, a company that distributes sofas and mattresses in Girona. After more than a decade dedicating itself to the mainly local business, in 1996 it began its national expansion and in 2004 they set out to conquer the international market. In 2019 they opened their first physical stores, in the cities of Madrid, Barcelona and Vigo. His future plans are to open e-commerce in Australia and franchises in France.

Kave Home table

For its part, Vackart is an online store of designer furniture and accessories, where quality and good taste are the central axis of your business. They select the designers and brands they work with very well, in order to be able to take care of the final quality of the product at all times and ensure their buyers furniture and decoration for life, with a current design and a range of materials, colors and shapes. so that everyone can find their own space.

Kave Home chair 3

Now, Kave Home has chosen Vackart as its exclusive distributor in Spain. On its website you can already see the catalog of the firm, where all kinds of furniture stand out (tables, chairs, beds, sofas, TV furniture, cabinets …) and also objects of decor, such as mirrors, rugs, cushions, pictures and a long etcetera to be able to furnish the whole house with your fresh ideas.

Kave Home side table

We have been leaving you throughout this article a series of photographs with some of the products that are currently in the Kave Home catalog so that you can see some of the styles that the brand has available. Finally, we want to highlight that they also have a section Kave kids, with furniture, decoration and accessories focused on the little ones, so that the baby’s room can also have the style and quality of the brand. In this section we find everything that may be needed for this room, from cribs to bathtubs, high chairs or bedding, even Montessori toys or accessories also designed for the stage of pregnancy.