Kenwood CCC200WH kCook, make your recipes easier

Kenwood Ccc200wh Kcook 4.jpg
Kenwood Ccc200wh Kcook 4.jpg

We all like to eat, but cooking… is another story. Therefore, kitchen robots or food processors are an ideal option to help us in the task of preparing our favorite recipes. The biggest advantage of them is that they are indicated both for those of us who are not very tricky between stoves and for the most kitchens. This Kenwood CCC200WH kCook has a lot of very useful features. Worth? Let’s see it.

Features and opinions of the Kenwood CCC200WH kCook food processor

It is true that the undisputed king of this type of kitchen robot is the Thermomix, but it can be quite expensive (around 1,000 euros), so evaluating other options is almost essential. One of the most popular is the Kenwood CCC200WH kCook. This food processor bases its advantage on four pillars:

  • Easier and faster meals: It will help us chop, heat, mix and steam, thus saving time and effort. Don’t worry about cleaning either, you can put everything in the dishwasher (both the accessories and the bowl).
  • Variety of recipes thanks to the free book and app: With the purchase of the Kenwood kCook CCC200WH, you will have a gift book of recipes and also has its own mobile application with many more dishes so you never run out of ideas.
  • Accessories: additional accessories are almost as important as the machine itself in this type of product, and in this case, Kenwood does not disappoint us. Includes five types of accessories:
    • Cutting and mixing blades
    • Steaming basket
    • Spatula to stir.
    • Shovel to stir
    • Calibrated glass
  • Intuitive control panel: Finally, the control panel built into the front of the robot will make cooking much more fun, innovative and easy.