Kit Powerline MP510, the new from Mercusys to improve Wi-Fi at home

Kit Powerline Mp510.jpg
Kit Powerline Mp510.jpg

The launch of Mercusys of Powerline MP510 Kit is an interesting proposal for extend Wi-Fi connection to all corners of the home. A home solution that eliminates those annoying signal coverage problems when we are at home.

Powerline MP510 Kit, a fast and simple way to solve Wi-Fi problems

The brand Mercusys, specialized in technological devices for the current home, brings to the market the Powerline MP510 Kit. A signal extender with which to say goodbye to those dead areas of the house where the Wi-Fi connection is bad or null.

Product characteristics

The company’s new device is capable of providing up to 1000 Mbps through its port Ethernet Y 300 Mbps speed Wifi using the home electrical network. East kit Eliminate signal obstacles inside the house. The MP510 has been equipped with advanced technology HomePlug AV2, which is the one that allows that transmission speed Powerline ultra-fast up to 1000 Mbps. Your port gigabit included makes it possible to receive a high-quality network for Pc, streaming television Y online games.

The ease of installation and the great practical utility of kit MP510 are other of its great advantages. Your system transfers network data through your home’s own electrical circuit. That is why it manages to avoid all obstacles that weaken or cut the connection. As it uses the existing electrical network circuit, no type of installation work is needed, no drilling.

More details of the kit

We are facing a device with a system Plug & Play. Only need to connect a device to router and another in any plug of the room where it is necessary to extend the coverage Wifi within a radius of up to 300 meters.

Powerline MP510 Kit

This appliance is compatible with all types of routers existing. In addition, it allows you to add elements, up to 8 adapters, at any time, easily adapting to any home and user needs. We can say goodbye to complicated setups or wiring.

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