LG DF425HMS, a very elegant dishwasher with 14 services

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lg df425hms, a very elegant dishwasher with 14 services

In addition to being very elegant, the LG DF425HMS stands out for being also very spacious with its capacity to wash up to 14 cutlery. This impressive dishwasher from LG has everything you need to wash your dishes comfortably while enjoying a modern and beautiful aesthetic in your kitchen.

We are talking about the LG DF425HMS

The LG DF425HMS is a dishwasher designed in black that offers a capacity of 14 services, so it can be considered a fairly spacious, elegant and modern device. This model, in particular, has very complete features that will help you wash your dishes effortlessly every day.

For example, it has a QuadWash arm that has 4 blades that rotate clockwise and counterclockwise, in addition to two nozzles through which the water is sprayed and that are oscillating so that it reaches any corner. And not only that, these high-pressure multi-motion arms completely cover all the dishes to clean them thoroughly.

This combination of the four spray arms and their multidirectional characteristics allow for maximum cleaning of the dishes, since, as we say, there will be no place where the water does not reach, as well as no plate, cutlery or other type of utensil. of kitchen

And, best of all, it does not leave water marks, since it has TrueSteam technology that reduces these marks by up to 30% so that everything you have put inside is shiny.

On another point, it must be said that it is very easy to load and very flexible, since it adjusts to the needs of each load independently, to the size and shape, so that the interior space is optimized so that you can organize yourself with ease. In fact, you can use the folding tines to place dishes wherever you want, either on the top or bottom rack.

You can also make use of a third adjustable tray that will give you more space to place objects that are difficult to find a place for, as well as adjust the height of the upper basket on three levels so you can wash tall utensils.


A performance that effectively combines

The LG DF425HMS has good energy efficiency when compared to other dishwashers, as its motor is an inverter, direct drive, making it more efficient. In fact, the brand offers up to a 10-year guarantee on this motor, without forgetting that it is designed to perform at its best with the different options that this dishwasher offers you, both for cleaning and drying, and that help make using it very easy. .

This dishwasher is so practical that its door opens automatically and, in addition, it comes with different functions and programs so that you can find the ideal one for you. For example, you can use a turbo cycle to wash dishes that are not very dirty, with a maximum load of 10 services, in addition to using a double washing mode so that delicate dishes can be cleaned on the one hand, and dishes on the other. pans or pots.

All this with a temperature of up to 80°C in the rinse cycle so that the dishes are sanitized to the maximum.


An aesthetic and connected space

The LG DF425HMS is also a modern dishwasher that has a wireless connection so you can, among other things, download new washing cycles that are more suited to your needs. Just download the LG SmartThinQ™ app and search for the one that interests you the most.

In addition, with this application you will also be able to select different cleaning settings and even set reminders, for example, to clean the dishwasher itself, which will remind you after 30 cycles. To this is added its Smart Diagnosis™ technology so that you can quickly solve problems from your mobile and without having to call technical service.

Finally, we cannot forget its minimalist design, which provides a completely elegant style to the kitchen, as well as being modern and which looks good in any type. In fact, it is not only a beautiful dishwasher, but it is also durable and easy to maintain, so it will always be pleasant to see thanks to its black color and its controls that can be hidden along with its micro LED display.


Features of the LG DF425HMS

Installation type: Independent
Product size: full size (60cm)
door colour: Black
Control Panel: Black
Control type: Play
WiFi Controlled: Yes
Built-in screen: Yes
Display type: leds
Hidden heating elements: Yes
Number of baskets: 2 basket(s)
Adjustable height of the upper basket: Yes
Adjustable height levels of the upper basket: 3
Noise level: 41dB
Washing programs: Delicate, Eco 45 ºC, Intensive, Fast, Rinse, Self-Clean 65 °C, Steam, Turbo
Drying system: Condensation
Number of cutlery: 14 cutlery
Number of washing programs: 9
Temperature (max): 80°C
Cycle time: 191min
Deferred programming: Yes
Delayed start: 12 noon
Aquastop function: Yes
Extra drying: Yes
half load: Yes
Number of spray zones: two
Automatic door opening: Yes
Child lock: Yes
Adjustable legs: Yes
Leg adjustment: 3cm
Remaining wash time indicator: Yes
Salt indicator: Yes
Rinse aid indicator: Yes
Smart Remote Support: Yes
Energy Efficiency Scale: D
Energy efficiency class (old): D
Energy consumption per cycle: 0.846 kWh
Depth: 600mm
Height: 850mm
Weight: 52kg
Wide: 600mm

LG DF425HMS Reviews

This dishwasher is very good value for money. The cleaning results are very good and it is quite spacious, so it is not difficult to organize it, in addition to having a very nice aesthetic and automatic opening of the door so that the dishes finish drying.

However, as the main negative point, we find that the washing cycles are quite long, so it is advisable to put it on at night since it does not go down, almost none, of the two hours, even the fast ones.


  • There is a good quality price relation.
  • Very good cleaning results.
  • Easy to Organize
  • Nice aesthetics and automatic opening of the door.
  • Wash cycles are very long.